In its first season, DCs Legends of Tomorrow had a clear villain: Vandal Savage. The quest to bring down Savage and save Rip Hunter’s wife and son was the driving force the entire season. So far this year, there hasn’t been an overall bad guy — at least from the Legends’ point of view. After their run-in with Damien Darhk in the season opener, the audience has since learned that he’s actually in league with Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse Flash.

The Legion of Doom

Soon, Thawne and Darhk will increase their ranks. Arrow‘s Malcolm Merlyn will join the cause along with Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold. That’s right. He may have been a hero last year (even giving his life to save the rest of the Waverider crew), but when he returns this year, Captain Cold will be a member of The Legion of Doom!

“It’s the ultimate bad guy team up.”

Wentworth Miller will return as Snart in the Legends mid-season finale. Executive producer Greg Berlanti gave Entertainment Weekly a taste of what to expect: “It’s the ultimate bad guy team up. We just finished the script for an episode that we’ve been tentatively calling ‘Legion of Doom’ that’s all from the bad guys’ perspective.”

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Presumably, Snart’s return will be orchestrated by having Thawne pluck him from the timeline prior to his death. That’s the same technique Thawne used to team up with Damien Darhk prior to his death in the Arrow Season 4 finale.

A Brand New Damien Darhk

Actor Neal McDonough talked to last week and described the difference between Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends is a different show; it’s a little bit lighter,” McDonough said. “Now with [John] Barrowman this year — the two of us and Matt [Letscher], we’re having so much fun being really evil, but in a fun way. Arrow is a different show; it was the greatest experience of my life.”

“There’s no end to Damien Darhk.”

It seems that having Darhk removed from the timeline could even change his eventual demise. “Why does he eventually lose?” wondered McDonough. “That’s not necessarily true now. They found a time machine, they picked me up in the ’40s and I’m off to the races now. There’s no end to Damien Darhk.”

Not only is Legends a different show than Arrow, Darhk himself will be a slightly different character. “Not having my wife at that point, and not knowing who my wife is — I don’t know that I’m going to get married, I don’t know that I’m going to murder hundreds fo thousands of people, none of that stuff — I don’t want to say he’s a little more evil, but I also don’t have as much to fight for, so I’m more of a loose cannon, which is fun to play,” McDonough said.

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW. Next week’s episode, ‘Compromised’ will see the team coming up against Damien Darhk in the 1980s.

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