Legends of Tomorrow continued its second season this week with another insane new episode, 2×04 ‘Abominations’. It’s amazing how hard I can be on Arrow for taking liberties with logic, then watch an over-the-top, ridiculous episode of Legends of Tomorrow the next day and love it with all my heart.

It’s hard to explain, but the unpredictable insanity of Legends is what makes it so great. You never know what you’re going to get each week, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, they do something like a zombie invasion. And the fact that Legends can balance that craziness with the best sense of humor on any of the Arrowverse shows is remarkable.

But let’s get to the recap…

Zombie Time Pirates!

The episode begins with a time pirate desperately escaping his infected ship. He crashes through the timestream and lands in Mississippi in 1863. He manages to send a distress call just before he’s surrounded by confederate soldiers (how do these soldiers always manage to show up just when a time traveler arrives?). Unfortunately, the infection takes hold of him and he turns into a raging zombie.

The Waverider crew receive the distress call and set out to fix the time aberration. Since he no longer has his Atom suit, Sara orders Ray to stay behind. Dr. Stein indelicately suggests that Jax stay aboard, as well, due to his race. Fortunately, Jax is hearing none of it.

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

Within minutes, the Legends are attacked by a horde of zombies. They take them out in an epic fight that concludes with Mick smashing a zombie’s head with a rock. Sadly, the zombies manage to kill Henry Scott, a slave and a spy for the Union army. Just before he expires, Henry gives the team the information needed to complete his mission.

From Bad to Worse

Once they’re back on the Waverider, Ray discovers that Mick has been bitten by one of the zombies. He and Dr. Stein take Mick to the med bay to work on an antidote. Meanwhile, Sara and the team learn that Henry’s mission was pivotal to the Union army’s success. Unless the mission is completed, history could be completely altered. Oh, and also? The infection has spread, resulting in a huge army of Confederate zombies.

It turns out that Stein has an irrational fear of zombies, so he stays onboard to help Ray. Amaya and Jax head to the Collins plantation to gain the intel they need to complete Henry’s mission. Nate and Sara set off toward the Union army camp to warn General Grant about the zombie invasion.

In what is arguably the scariest subplot of the episode, Mick quickly turns into a zombie and chases Ray and Martin out of the med bay. They eventually track him down in order to try giving him another dose of Ray’s vaccine, but he’s too dangerous to let them get close. The two end up trapped in the commissary.

Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

Ray comes up with the idea to create an airborne version of the vaccine using a fire extinguisher. When Mick knocks Ray unconscious, though, it’s up to Stein to face his fears and confront Mick himself. He sprays Mick just in time, changing him back to human just as he’s about to bite.

Sara convinces General Grant by bringing him the still-moving head of a zombie. They come up with a plan which involves Nate luring the horde toward a pile of explosives which he’ll ignite. It works, but Nate is barely able to activate his powers in time to survive. They use Ray’s new airborne vaccine to cure the rest of the zombie army.