Okay, don’t get too excited. Margot Robbie is not reprising her Suicide Squad role on an upcoming Supergirl episode. Nor is Mr. J’s favorite former psychiatrist being recast for a guest role. Actress Harley Quinn Smith will be making an appearance on Supergirl, however.

As you may or may not know, Harley Quinn Smith is the daughter of professional geek and filmmaker Kevin Smith. That should tell you two things. One, yes she is named after the Joker’s famous sidekick. Two, yes, she is appearing in the upcoming Supergirl episode directed by her dad.

Harley Quinn in National City

She announced the news on Instagram by posting a photo of her script and name card (presumably from the episode’s table read):

National City here I come!

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Harley Quinn recently appeared in Kevin Smith’s film Yoga Hosers alongside her best friend Lily-Rose Depp (her father, Johnny Depp, co-starred in the movie).

Haters Gonna Hate

As is unfortunately the case more often than not these days, Harley Quinn has seen a lot of criticism directed at her online by trolls. She’s been attacked for her weight and for the alleged nepotism shown by her father in casting her in his projects. Those insensitive criticisms reared their ugly head again after Harley Quinn’s Instagram post.

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Rather than ignore the haters (always a difficult task), she actually posted a response to a few of the comments:

“honestly comments like that really bother me because it’s like you’re trying to demean my talent and personal capability. Yes, obviously in this case my dad is directing the episode, but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t have done it without him. My dad is obviously a wonderfully cool dad to have and I am beyond grateful for the opportunities he has given me, but I am perfectly capable of doing things without him as well.

“I am 17 and trying to finish high school so yeah, my career isn’t able to take off as quickly as I’d like it to, but that doesn’t mean that I’m incapable of working outside my dad’s projects. He’s given me these opportunities because I’ve worked hard to show that I deserve them so please refrain from making comments like that in the future because, as you can tell, it doesn’t sit with me well.”

(It’s worth noting that both of the Instagram users this response was directed at later apologized and insisted their comments were taken out of context).

Supergirl Lives!

Kevin Smith’s Supergirl episode is titled ‘Supergirl Lives’ in homage to Smith’s failed 1990s Superman film, Superman Lives. The episode has been filming for the past week and Smith has been sharing numerous updates on social media:

This is what your face always looks like while working on @supergirlcw! I spent yesterday shooting with @melissabenoist & @chy_leigh as my favorite siblings on TV, the Danvers sisters. I love all the flying and punching of villains on #Supergirl… but I tune in for portrayals of sibling revelry so sincere and supportive that it really makes me feel like I missed out on something in life by not being a girl with a sister. As a huge fan of the show, seeing that dynamic on display both on & off camera yesterday was like drinking insanely good hot cocoa that warms your insides and fills you with joy. And on top of that? Yesterday was my first day shooting the Super suit! It is as glorious in real life as it looks on the show (and the cape is heavy – not just metaphorically speaking but also simply weight-wise). Me-Me and Chy-Chy brought the major feels when we were rolling but between takes they're both legit funny. It's cool watching them go from goofing around before "Action" is called to delivering dire dialogue about impending universal doom. Nice, nice kids. The whole damn crew is fulla nice, talented kids. We shot nearly eight pages yesterday but managed to wrap 40 minutes early. Tonight is Shoot Day 3 of 9- which includes watching the amazing FX and stunt folks on this show flip a speeding car! Up, up and away… #KevinSmith #melissabenoist #chylerleigh #nationalcity #vancouver #supergirlseason2

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Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8/7c on The CW. Kevin and Harley Quinn Smith’s episode is expected to air in December.

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