This summer, when producers confirmed The Flash would be adapting the infamous Flashpoint storyline for Season 3, fans were salivating at the possibilities. After all the hype, it turned out that Flashpoint only lasted one episode, but there were lasting repercussions. When Barry returned to the “normal” timeline, many things were still different. And now Dr. Alchemy is on the loose, seemingly with the ability to merge people with their Flashpoint counterparts.

With all of the new changes, one character we haven’t heard about yet is Detective Eddie Thawne, played in Season 1 by actor Rick Cosnett. Eddie was Joe’s partner at the CCPD and Iris’ boyfriend. He sacrificed himself in the season finale, ‘Fast Enough,’ in order to stop his future descendant Eobard Thawne (aka Reverse Flash) from ever being born.

What About Eddie?

So now that Barry has changed the timeline, could Eddie Thawne still be alive? Obviously, he’s not working at the CCPD or else we would’ve seen him by now. But couldn’t he have a different vocation in this timeline? Or perhaps he’s still a police officer but in a different city? had the opportunity to speak with Rick Cosnett this week, and they asked him directly if there was any chance Eddie Thawne might pop up again on The Flash sometime soon.

“Definitely…definitely. I can’t say exactly where, but there is definitely a big chance that I could be in this new timeline, you’ll have to wait and see.”

That’s not a “yes,” but it’s pretty close to a confirmation that we will see Eddie again.

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Like Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Like Grandson

On a different note, also asked Cosnett if he’d be willing to appear as some version of Reverse Flash. After a resounding “absolutely,” Cosnett explained, “I mean, there’s nothing better than playing someone who’s a little bit evil and who you’ve seen where he comes from. I think that’s what was exciting about Eddie. We’ve seen him be so good, and when you see someone turn evil through jealousy…”

“You know, we’ve all got this bad and evil side. Eddie really just chose to constantly be good. He always rose above everything, and he never really got jealous. He was such a good man in that sense. From that, to have someone so diabolically evil would be so exciting and so cool to be able to play.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. Stay tuned for more information on a possible return for Eddie Thawne.

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