Among what seems like dozens of new cast members on Arrow this season, one we’re just getting to see more of is new District Attorney Adrian Chase. As played by actor Josh Segarra, Chase replaces the late Laurel Lance and has become a major ally of new mayor Oliver Queen. Comic book fans know Chase by another name, though: Vigilante.

Vigilante is an aggressive, Punisher-style anti-hero in the pages of DC Comics. Former New York District Attorney Adrian Chase takes up the mantle after his family is gunned down by the mob.

From D.A. to Masked Gunman

On last night’s episode of Arrow, Chase admitted he never thought anything good could come from people in masks. But after his rescue by Ragman and the rest of Team Arrow 2.0, he seems to have changed his mind.

So was this the moment that inspires Chase to suit up as Vigilante and take the law into his own hands? Well, it’s complicated. First of all, in the Season 5 premiere of Arrow, we already saw a police sketch of a vigilante wearing a ski mask and goggles — the exact outfit that Vigilante wears in the comics. And it’s been revealed that episode 5×07, the final episode before the 100th episode crossover event ‘Invasion!,’ is titled ‘Vigilante.’

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Josh Segarra Teases Chase’s Backstory

Is Adrian Chase already suiting up as Vigilante? Or will it be episode 7 where he takes up the mantle? If so, what’s up with that police sketch? Last night, reached out to Segarra for some answers:

“That’s what I think is going to be interesting, is what parts of the comic are we going to get to put on the show?” said Segarra. “I know the answer to that but the audience [doesn’t]. But that’s [what’s] been great is that we’re trying to keep it as much as we can in that world, but also keep it exciting because I don’t want any plot twists to be a thing where people are expecting something and don’t get them. That’s always sad, when you think something is going to be great and then it’s a letdown. So I’m hoping that we get the right pieces along the way.”

Segarra was also asked about Chase’s mental illness from the comic books. “That’s a good question. Why isn’t he showing his pain? That will be answered.”

“The biggest question that I have for myself as an actor is ‘why does this person become the person that they are?'” Segarra said. “So what’s going to be hard is that in the middle of the season I get to introduce Vigilante. So now I’m getting to tell that backstory and we get to tell the biggest pieces and get to show him becoming who he is before episode 7.”

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Segarra also admitted he “a thousand percent” flipped through the script for the 100th episode, ‘Invasion!,’ to find out what part he would have in interacting with Supergirl, Flash, and the Waverider crew.

Arrow airs each Wednesday night at 8/7c on The CW. Stay tuned for more updates on Adrian Chase’s transformation into Vigilante.

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