This weekend, cast and crew gathered to celebrate Arrow‘s milestone achievement: 100 episodes! The 100th episode itself looks to be a jam-packed episode, as it will not only feature a ton of cameos from past cast members to help celebrate the anniversary, it also takes place right smack dab in the middle of the massive crossover event between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

One curious detail that hadn’t yet been revealed was the episode’s title, however. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim shared the script’s cover page earlier this month, but the title was obscured. The only visible clue was that the title ended with an exclamation mark. Knowing that the crossover is based on the 1988 DC Comics event series Invasion!, many fans quickly guessed that to be the title of Arrow‘s 100th episode.


Well, guess what? They were right. But it actually isn’t just the title of Arrow’s 100th episode — it’ll be the running title all week. Guggenheim broke the news to at the anniversary event:

“I’m giving you an exclusive — because you’re the only one who’s asked. Arrow episode 508 is called ‘Invasion!’ with the exclamation point. And Legends of Tomorrow 207 is going to be ‘Invasion!’. I’ll leave it up to you to guess what The Flash is called.”

From Guggenheim’s tongue-in-cheek explanation, it’s pretty easy to guess that The Flash episode 5×08 is also called ‘Invasion!’ That’s going to be a little confusing in the future, but at least if anyone mentions an episode called ‘Invasion!’, we’ll all know it’s one of those three.

(Being a Trekkie, it also reminds me heavily of the 1996 Star Trek novel event called Invasion!, but that was likely also inspired by the original DC Comics event. Nerd rant over.)

Four Three Shows Coming Together

Even though Supergirl is going to have a prominent role in the crossover, producers have been quick to clarify recently that Invasion! is technically only a three-episode crossover. Barry and Cisco will come to fetch Supergirl at the end of her show’s episode that Monday, but the episode will otherwise have nothing to do with Invasion! That storyline will play out on The Flash, Arrow, and Legends the following three nights.

Right now, we don’t have any firm dates for the crossover event (including the Arrow 100th episode), but it’s expected to air sometime in late November.

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