(Image Credit: Hot Topic)

Have you ever caught yourself watching an episode of The Flash or Supergirl and wondered to yourself, “I bet I could pull that look off?” No? Well, someone surely has, because Hot Topic has released a new line of jackets that will let you do just that.

They’ve got the full Arrowverse covered: Green Arrow from Arrow, Flash from The Flash, White Canary from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl from, well, Supergirl. (There’s also a jacket based on Selina Kyle’s look from Gotham — if you’re into that sort of thing.)


Supergirl Jacket from Hot Topic
(Image Credit: Hot Topic)

Jackets and t-shirts emblazed with the Superman logo are about a dime-a-dozen these days, but this Supergirl hoodie does have a few tricks up its sleeve. First of all, the “S” shield on a blue background clearly marks this as being based on Kara’s outfit from Supergirl and not just another Superman jacket. Second, you can’t help but smile at the clever zipper hood-turned-cape.

The Flash

The Flash jacket from Hot Topic
(Image Credit: Hot Topic)

This Flash jacket is a pretty spot-on reproduction of Grant Gustin’s costume (albeit in jacket form). It’s a little odd that they went with the Season 1 red logo instead of the current (and more recognizable) white one, though. The lining inside also has a giant S.T.A.R. Laboratories logo hidden away underneath.

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Green Arrow

Arrow jacket from Hot Topic
(Image Credit: Hot Topic)

Oliver Queen changes his Arrow outfit so often, it’s hard to say which season of Arrow this jacket is based on. It’s fairly recognizable as a Green Arrow facsimile, but non-fans would likely still think it’s a rather fashionable green jacket.

White Canary

White Canary jacket from Hot Topic
(Image Credit: Hot Topic)

While this could arguably be the coolest jacket in the bunch, it’s also easily the least recognizable as a superhero jacket. Then again, assassins aren’t really known for announcing themselves, are they?

You can check out all four jackets (plus that weird Gotham one) at Hot Topic’s website here. They range in price from $69-$89.

Here’s hoping this collection continues, so I can finally get my hands on an authentic Captain Cold winter coat.