Editor’s Note: Guest Writer Justin Smith contacted us to share his theory on how the Justice League characters could make appearances on television as part of the Arrowverse. We liked his ideas, so we asked and received his permission to republish it here.

Please note this article was originally written in April 2016. Several events, such as the debut of Superman on Supergirl, the upcoming four-way crossover and the arrival of the Justice Society on Legends of Tomorrow had not been announced yet. Still, a lot of Justin’s theories could still work and are worth exploring. Enjoy!

This year, DC Entertainment, CBS, and The CW have announced that The Flash is crossing over with Supergirl for one episode. Most of the fans are excited about it. Some are skeptical. However you see it, this is another major DC event.

Thus far, both Arrow and The Flash have created their own TV cinematic universe that has been successfully established. It was also a smart move by the producers to not feature DC’s most profitable characters: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, etc., in its own universes because it would be more focused on one major character or all five of them and less of the characters that have already been seen. So far, vigilantes, metahumans, sorcery (magic), multiverses and time travel is where they’re at now. But Atlanteans, Amazons, androids, aliens and space haven’t been ruled out, at least not yet.

For me, it’s about continuity. Storylines need to connect, and it’s tone around these characters. The Flash two-part Earth-2 episode features a wormhole with various multiverses, so this upcoming crossover will be decent if not surprisingly awesome. But most fans wanted the characters to co-exist in the same universe.

However, there is a “possible” theory where they can have their cake and eat it too. Just hear me out…