It’s no secret that a lot of story developments on Arrow have left the show’s fans divided. Whether you agree or disagree, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the show’s every move. And perhaps no development has split the fandom more severely than the death of Laurel Lance.

Near the end of Arrow Season 4, Laurel met her end at the hands of the villainous Damien Darhk. The show took great pains to convince us all that she was well and truly gone. There would be no Lazarus Pit to bring her back, no bait and switch reveal — Laurel was dead, period.

R.I.P. Welcome Back, Laurel Lance

Then came word that actress Katie Cassidy had signed a new contract that would make her a series regular on ALL of the Arrowverse shows. Not only would Laurel be back, she’d be on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, as well. (Presumably, the contract includes Supergirl, as well, but the odds and logistics of getting Laurel to National City are a bit more difficult).

The big question that remains, though, is how will Laurel return? Will she be resurrected via the Lazarus Pit or some other magical means? Will Cassidy actually just be playing Black Siren, the Earth-2 version of Laurel she played on The Flash last season? Will she only appear in flashbacks? Or could the Flashpoint storyline where Barry altered the timeline somehow bring her back?

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Finally, Some Arrow Answers

Well, we finally have our first hint of an answer. TV Guide talked with Arrow producer Wendy Mericle about the upcoming season, and their exchange regarding Laurel is very intriguing:

Katie Cassidy did sign a deal to be a series regular across all Arrow-verse shows. What ways might we see her appear in Arrow outside of just flashbacks?
Mericle: I can tell you that we’re really excited about having her back. You will see in the episodes where she appears – Episode 510 definitely, our midseason premiere. Keep your eyes out for that. We’re so excited about getting to work with her again and her willingness to come back. It’s one of the fun parts of the show. People can leave and get killed and you can still find new and crazy ways for them to come back. I can definitely tell you that there’s a way we’re going to bring her back and she’s going to be alive and well. And Flashpoint might have a little bit to do with that.

Flashpoint: A Not So Catastrophic Change?

So it does look like Flashpoint is responsible for Laurel’s return. Of course, that just leads back to another question we still don’t know the answer to. Exactly how does Flashpoint work? Producers have said that a lot of things aren’t affected — most of the events of Arrow, in fact. But some characters, like Diggle, are affected. How can a change to the timeline be so selective?

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Perhaps we’ll get some answers when both shows return this week. The Flash Season 3 premieres tomorrow night at 8/7c. Arrow will begin its fifth season on Wednesday, also at 8/7c.