After a denial from executive producer Greg Berlanti, the mysterious speedster’s identity has been revealed

A funny thing happened on the way to identifying The Flash‘s latest villain. First, a new Season 3 trailer was unveiled at Comic-Con in late July which featured Wally West’s Kid Flash facing off against a mysterious new speedster dressed in black and yellow. Unofficial set photos showed that the actor beneath the mask was The Vampire Diaries‘ Todd Lasance. Then, at the The CW’s Television Critics Association panel earlier this month, it was announced that the two villains for Season 3 would be Dr. Alchemy and the speedster Savitar. Hence, Todd Lasance must be playing Savitar in the Season 3 trailer, right? Wrong.

Last night, The Flash co-creator/executive producer Greg Berlanti took to Twitter to announce that any reports of Lasance or anyone else playing Savitar were false — the role has yet to be cast at all:

But clearly there was a new speedster in the Season 3 trailer, and Todd Lasance was seen on set in the costume. So who was he playing? Luckily, TVLine came to the rescue with a casting announcement a few hours later. Lasance is not playing Savitar — he’s playing The Rival.

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In the comics, The Rival (aka Edward Clariss) was a sort of Golden Age Reverse-Flash, taking on Jay Garrick’s original Flash. A professor at the university attended by Garrick, Clariss was the one responsible for creating Velocity 9 and giving himself (temporary) speed force abilities.

Since the scenes in the trailer with The Rival feature Kid Flash and the altered Flashpoint timeline, it’s safe to assume we’ll only be seeing him for a few episodes. It’s recently been confirmed that the Flashpoint story will wrap up rather quickly, albeit with some lasting repercussions. That would explain why The Rival was not mentioned as one of the season’s big villains alongside Dr. Alchemy and Savitar.

Speaking of trailers, The CW also released a new promo for The Flash Season 3. It’s very short, but features several bits of new footage and dialogue:

The Flash will return for Season 3 on Tuesday, October 4 at 8/7c on The CW.