Is anyone else feeling like they simultaneously know so much and so little about what we’re going to see in The Flash‘s new timeline in Season 3?

Flashpoint is a story ripped straight from the comic books but The CW show is, without a doubt, doing their own take on it. While we probably won’t see the likes of Wonder Woman or Aquaman, we will be meeting Kid Flash (Keinyan Lonsdale), Doctor Alchemy (Tobin Bell), and Savitar (Todd Lasance?) and exploring a reality where Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) is the richest man in America.

Today, Collider released an interview with executive producer Aaron Helbing who gave us more of an insight as to what we can expect to see when the show returns in three months. First off, he explained why this season was inevitably going to have a “lighter tone” than the last one:

“When we meet Barry [Grant Gustin], he’s living with his parents. I feel like this has been a moment that Barry has been wanting since his mother [Michelle Harrison] was taken from him. Who wouldn’t want that? And then, Zoom [Teddy Sears] took his dad [John Wesley Shipp] last season. So, when you meet him, you see this happiness. He finally is having the life that he’s always wanted, but there’s always a give and take to everything.”

After praising Matt Letscher and his performance as the Reverse Flash, Helbing went on to explain why one of our new villains this season, Doctor Alchemy, is so significant to the established storyline:

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“He can take X and turn it into Y. That mirrors what happened with Barry when Barry was just this normal CSI who was happy go lucky, and then he got struck by lightening with the dark matter from the Particle Accelerator. That was almost a form of alchemy, where it changed him into The Flash. We can really explore alchemy, in that manner of being able to take X and turn it into Y, and see how that mirrors what actually happened to The Flash and all of the meta-humans in Central City.”

Moving on from new villains to new heroes, Helbing talked about how Wally’s storyline so far has primed him to take up the mantle of The Flash:

“The thing about Wally West, and the way we set him up in Season 2, is that he has this need for speed with the drag racing. That’s in his DNA. Even when he stopped drag racing, he’s an engineer who’s trying to design and develop turbo-powered, fast cars. Those aspects are always going to be in his DNA, and he’s always going to want to go as fast as he can. So, when you meet him in Flashpoint, he is The Flash. He’s Kid Flash, but he’s The Flash.”

To read more and also get some fun teases about the different relationships between Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) and Cisco and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), check out the full interview here.

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The Flash returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 4th at 8/7c on The CW.