‘Arrow’ Season 5 will feature brutal fight scenes and could feature the return of a major Season 1 character

After last week’s barrage of spoilers and news from the Television Critics Association panel, you would think things would slow down a bit by now. You would also be wrong — a new batch of Arrow spoilers have hit the web today, and some of them are very interesting.

TVLine published their weekly ‘Matt’s Inside Line’ column this weekend, and it’s surprisingly focused on the Berlanti-verse, with news on Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl.

The most exciting bits were focused on Arrow, however. First, a viewer wrote in to ask about Stephen Amell’s assertion last month that the fight scenes in Season 5 were particularly brutal. TVLine talked to showrunner Wendy Mericle for more information:

“I can say it looks amazing. We’re now part of this [TV] universe where you have Game of Thrones and the way that they deal with violence and how they do their fights, so it’s our attempt to do something similar. It’s bloody. You’re in it. We’re doing a lot more ‘first person’ – not necessarily point of view – action. Stephen has been a huge proponent of doing that, and it’s going to feel real and in your face.”

Ironically, Amell himself took to Facebook on the same day to further prove Mericle’s point:

'Arrow': Stephen Amell Reveals Oliver's New Season 6 Attitude and a Spoilery New Voiceover

Mericle also provided some insight on Felicity’s status as Season 5 begins:

“She’s in a very similar place to Dig. She’s really grappling with what happened in Havenrock, consumed with that guilt. She’s broken up with Oliver. She’s lost her company. And the one thing she has in this life in the bunker. So she’s doubled down on doing that. Until she gets past what happened in Havenrock, she’s going to stay in that state of limbo.”

Perhaps the most intriguing bit of news involves Oliver’s deceased best friend, Tommy Merlyn. TVLine reached out to actor Colin Donnell to ask if the altered Flashpoint timeline on The Flash might see his character come back to life, and he had a surprising answer:

“I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to about the possibility and how it could possibly happen. It’s not out of the realm of possibility.”

For more spoilers, including a few (very) minor tidbits on Supergirl and The Flash, check out the full TVLine article here.

Arrow returns for Season 5 starting Wednesday, October 5 at 8/7c on The CW.