Recent rumors regarding Bat-family characters debunked by producers at TCA panel

You might recall a number of rumors swirling around the internet last month regarding possible additions to the Supergirl cast. Specifically, the story was that producers were negotiating with FOX for the rights to Batman, with the intention of introducing Batwoman and Oracle to Supergirl, and possibly even featuring Batman himself. Well, you can forget it — that rumor was put to rest yesterday at the CW’s Television Critics Association panel.

The rumors came from website Bleeding Cool, who claimed a source had gave them reliable information that the characters were coming. Just a week prior, Supergirl producers had announced the casting of Floriana Lima as Detective Maggie Sawyer. In the pages of DC Comics, Sawyer had been the lover and eventual fiancée of Kate Kane, AKA Batwoman. So it wouldn’t be that hard to imagine producers would be seeking to bring Batwoman on board too, no matter how far-fetched.

At yesterday’s TCA panel, Ain’t It Cool News writer Hercules Strong asked producers about the rumors, and they were met with a strong denial. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says there were never plans to introduce Batwoman, Oracle, or Batman. There was no attempt to gain permission from FOX (which owns the TV rights to the characters, thanks to Gotham) to bring any Bat-family characters to Supergirl.

There were two other rumors in the same Bleeding Cool story that should probably be dismissed now, as well. One was the John Wesley Shipp would become the next player to sign a multi-series contract, much like John Barrowman, Wentworth Miller, and Katie Cassidy. That actually makes a lot of sense, as the Jay Garrick Flash is closely associated with the Justice Society of America, to be featured on Legends of Tomorrow next season, and Shipp could continue to guest-star on The Flash, as well. However, in light of the Batman rumor being debunked, it’s safe to say we shouldn’t hold our breath.

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The last rumor was that The CW was using the Constantine re-runs on CW Seed as a litmus test for whether to revive the series or not. Since that rumor was reported, series creator Daniel Cerone actually posted on Twitter that he had reached out to CW executives to find out if it was true. The sad truth is that CW Seed and The CW are separate divisions, so no, there were no plans to revive Constantine.

Supergirl returns for Season 2 (sans Batwoman) on Monday, October 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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    Bleeding Cool has increasingly lost its credibility.