Editor’s Note: Supergirl Rewind is a new column here at Writer Sahat Shafaat will be recapping The CW’s back-to-back Supergirl Season 1 repeats each Monday and sharing his thoughts as we count down to the premiere of the all-new season. Enjoy!

‘Fight or Flight’ picks up right where we left off last week, with Cat about to interview Supergirl as an exclusive for the Tribune. The interview contains the usual rhetoric, until Kara accidentally reveals that Superman is her cousin. The next day, the Girl of Steel is enjoying sticky buns at Noonan’s when Alex stops by. James joins them (because apparently he’s too lazy to make himself some tea) and assures Alex that he won’t tell anyone she works for the D.E.O. After he leaves, Alex teases her sister about how she quite clearly likes James and advises her to keep the number of people who know about Supergirl at a minimum.

At CatCo, Winn wonders why Kara would tell Cat she’s related to Superman. Kara explains that she didn’t mean to and was tricked into doing so. Cat calls Kara into her office and praises herself, and also says that she will be writing an expose about Supergirl for a special edition of CatCo’s monthly magazine. Cat has Kara organize a party to celebrate the launch.

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Over at the D.E.O., Hank isn’t thrilled with the true relationship between Supergirl and Superman being made public, to which Kara unsuccessfully attempts to defend herself (I, for one, would love to watch a show called ‘Keeping Up With The Kryptonians’). The two of them, along with Alex, are alerted to a pileup on the highway, which Kara doesn’t hesitate to fly off to. At the site of the pileup, Kara rescues the driver of a bus that has fallen onto its side. After the rescue, Kara is blasted backwards by a flying man. He says he wants Superman to suffer and he will start by killing Kara. After a brief fight, the man flies away when Kara damages his suit.

Hank says the flying man is Reactron (which Kara thinks is a stupid name…until Hank tells her James came up with it), and he’s fought Superman several times in the past. Kara wants to know how to stop Reactron, but Hank says he falls outside the D.E.O.’s jurisdiction. He suggests she should call her cousin if she wants help to stop Reactron.

At CatCo, Winn takes Kara and James to their new hideout, the former office of poor Ed Flaherty (may he rest in TV peace). The three discuss how Kara should stop Reactron, with James suggesting that Kara call in Superman to take him down. The two argue about this for a while, with Kara refusing to risk losing her credibility by asking her cousin for help (Winn also nearly geeks out after learning that Clark Kent is Superman).

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Meanwhile, over at Lord Technologies, Maxwell Lord is telling reporters about his new magnetic train when Reactron flies through the ceiling and demands someone fix his suit ASAP. Lord offers himself as hostage in place of his newly promoted engineer, Carl. Twenty-four hours later, Kara and Winn watch news coverage of Lord’s disappearance. Alex drops by and offers her help. The three, along with James, head to the Superfriends’ lair (or whatever people are calling it), where Alex manages to identify Reactron as a man named Ben Krull. Krull’s wife died during a meltdown at a nuclear power station five years ago, which Superman stopped. Ever since, Krull has held a grudge against the Man of Steel.

Kara comes to Cat’s office having proofread her expose, clearly surprised by the fact that she has heavily criticized Supergirl throughout. Kara attempts to plead Supergirl’s case, stating that people just need to give her a chance, but Cat isn’t receptive. James interrupts and tells Kara where Krull is hiding out. Kara quickly heads over to the junkyard to try and talk to Krull. She frees Max, but not before he repairs Reactron’s suit. Reactron and Supergirl fight again, with the Girl of Steel going down a little too easily for my tastes. Right before Krull finishes her off, Superman swoops in and saves her. Kara passes out from the fight.

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Kara wakes up in her apartment, with Alex and James there with her. They see Max on the news, crediting Superman for his safe return, and Kara is confused as to how her cousin knew she was fighting Krull. James reveals that he contacted him with his watch, as he was worried that Kara would get herself killed. Kara perceives this as James lacking faith in her, and angrily tells him to leave. After he exits, Kara voices her frustration to her sister. She’s upset that Superman is having to rescue her at such an early stage of her superhero career and desperately wants to be her own hero. Alex promises her that with time, she will be.

At the launch party for the Supergirl expose, Cat questions why Kara is late and asks where the magazines are. Winn steps in to save Kara and allows her to immediately repay her debt with a dance. James cuts in (much to Winn’s displeasure) and patches things up with Kara. Suddenly, Reactron crashes the party (somewhat literally) and demands to fight Supergirl. He sees Max, but before he can kill him, Kara flies in and saves the tech mogul. James diverts Reactron’s attention, during which Hank and Alex tell Kara that she needs to remove the power core from Krull’s suit in order to stop him. Kara covers her hand in molten lead and stops Krull from blasting James, flying him to an empty parking lot. After a brief fight, Kara manages to pull out the power core and stops Krull.

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At the D.E.O., Kara thanks Alex and Hank for their assistance. Alex suggests that Kara ask out James, which she attempts to do at CatCo. However, she finds that James’ ex-girlfriend, Lucy Lane, has come from Metropolis to see him. Kara listens to their conversation and thinks that Lucy is trying to get back together with James, which clearly upsets her. Clark texts her and apologizes for saving her, going on to praise her for stopping Reactron–something that he couldn’t do. Later at her apartment, Kara and Alex are sharing dinner and discussing Cat’s article. Alex says that beneath her unwavering criticism, Cat does respect Supergirl (but obviously not Kara). Kara then takes off to respond to the sound of a siren, enjoying life as Supergirl.