Supergirl will crossover to join forces with Green Arrow, The Flash, and the Waverider crew

New details were announced today at the CW’s TCA panel on how the upcoming four-show crossover between Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl will work.

The story will begin on that week’s Monday night episode of Supergirl, but the ties within that episode will be light. Producers said that the episode will be “a piece of the story,” and elements of the crossover will be “touched on” before the following night’s episode of The Flash, where the story will “start in earnest.”

This makes sense, as executive producer Marc Guggenheim has already confirmed that Supergirl will crossover into the Arrowverse, but not the other way around. So the Supergirl episode will likely feature whatever force brings all of the characters together, culminating with Kara crossing over into the Arrowverse by episode’s end.

Starting from The Flash on Tuesday, the crossover will then run as one long cohesive story across Arrow on Wednesday and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday. The current plan is for the crossover to occur as the eighth episode of all four series.

It was also announced earlier at the TCA panel that The Flash and Supergirl will have their own musical crossover episodes later in the season.

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This is a breaking news story, so we’ll have more as it develops.

  • Triggy Superman

    Berlanti said that the crossover will “reintroduce Supergirl to the Arrowverse”. Could you please expound on that if you can on your updates? Thanks.

    • My feeling is that Berlanti likely meant “introduce,” not “reintroduce” — unless he’s referring to the Flash crossover last season. I think his meaning was simply that now that Supergirl is on The CW, the crossover will introduce the character to fans of the other three shows. Since The Flash & Legends were both spin-offs, they had the benefit of introducing their characters on other shows before launch. This is Supergirl’s opportunity to the same thing.