Grant Gustin, Greg Berlanti, and Melissa Benoist (Image Credit: Variety/The CW)
(Image Credit: Variety/The CW)

Producers planning to take advantage of the cast’s musical backgrounds

In a surprise announcement at today’s TCA panel, producers announced that Supergirl and The Flash will crossover again this season, this time in an apparent two-part musical.

The crossover will come later in the season (presumably next spring) and is in addition to the massive four-show crossover planned for this fall.

The Supergirl cast jokingly revealed at Comic-Con last month that there’s often singing on the set anyway, a fact that was confirmed today by producer Ali Adler: “When they’re not acting or flying or punching or exploding things, they’re singing.”

Adler worked with both Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin on FOX’s Glee, so she’s more than familiar with their musical abilities.

“Some of you may know my personal love for musicals, and we have a number of people who can sing across all the shows,” said executive producer/co-creator Greg Berlanti. Indeed, in addition to Benoist and Gustin, producers pointed out John Barrowman, Victor Garber, Jesse L. Martin and Jeremy Jordan as big fans of the musical idea.

Producer Sarah Schechter added, “We’ve got such talented actors, 15 years from now when the last of these shows is going off the air, that would be a big regret [if we didn’t do it] – it’s too much fun not to.”

The songs in the episodes will be “mostly pre-existing,” but Berlanti said the writers hoped to have at least one original song in each episode.

This is a breaking news story, so we’ll have more as it develops.