Savitar (Image Credit: DC Comics)
(Image Credit: DC Comics)

The Dark Speedster’s identity confirmed by producers

At Comic-Con last month, we learned that Season 3 of The Flash would have two main villains. One of them was confirmed to be Dr. Alchemy during The Flash panel. And today, during The CW’s panel at TCA 2016, the identity of the other villain was confirmed to be Savitar.

In the comics, Savitar is a Cold War pilot who somehow managed to achieve a connection to the Speedforce and became obsessed with harnessing its powers. Savitar developed a cult of followers, and eventually attempted to steal Wally West’s speed. Savitar is the speedster in black who appeared in the Season 3 trailer for The Flash.

No additional details were announced regarding who will play Savitar or how prevalent he will be throughout the season.

The Flash Season 3 begins Tuesday, October 5 at 8/7c on The CW.

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