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A ‘significant character’ on either ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ or ‘Supergirl’ will be ‘exploring their sexuality

Producer Greg Berlanti has never been one to shy away from introducing LGBTQIA+ characters on his shows. The most notable examples are Legends of Tomorrow‘s Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), who is bi-sexual, Arrow‘s Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law), who is a lesbian, and Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) who is gay, The Flash‘s Hartley Rathaway (Andy Mientus) and David Singh (Patrick Sabongui), who are also both gay, and Supergirl‘s new cast member Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima), who is also a lesbian.

Queer relationships aren’t just limited to the shows, though. They expand deep into the fandoms. It doesn’t take a lot of searching on the Internet to find shippers of “SuperCat” (Supergirl‘s Kara Zor-El and Cat Grant) and “ColdFlash” (The Flash‘s Leonard Snart and Barry Allen).

This is why fans were ecstatic when it was revealed today at The CW’s Television Critics Association Panel that a “significant character” on either SupergirlThe FlashArrow, or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be “exploring their sexuality and coming out”. This news came just minutes after The CW announced the premiere of Freedom Fighters: The Ray, a new animated web series on CW Seed that will feature the character of Raymond “Ray” Terrill, a gay superhero who possesses light-based powers.

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“We’re not trying to be coy about it,” Berlanti said. “We just really want the audience to enjoy the character development and not be ahead of the storyline.”

“It’s a man or a woman, and it’s on one of the four shows,” executive producer Sarah Schechter playfully added.

While that was all that was said during the panel itself, Berlanti talked to reporters afterward, further expanding on the news.

“We had a character who we had discussed as a possibility last year internally, and it didn’t materialize,” he revealed. “We didn’t get to the story. We just didn’t have enough real estate to deal with it in the way that we wanted to deal with it. So when we were planning this season, we said to the network and the studio that it was a priority for us, and everyone was cool with it. And obviously, because the character hadn’t been gay, we hadn’t necessarily discussed it with the actor, too.”

Berlanti noted that the actor is completely on board with the development.

My own personal hope is that it’s none other than The Flash’s resident mechanical engineer, Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), as I’ve been patiently waiting for the day when he realizes his feelings for Barry “the universe wants us to be bros” Allen. This would obviously make him bi-sexual as he’s had crushes on both Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) and Lisa Snart (Peyton List), and been in an almost-successful relationship with Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renée).

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However, the one fact fighting against my wish is that this was discussed by the writers last season. All season long, Cisco was dealing with his newfound powers and it would be heartbreaking if they made him struggle with his sexuality on top of that.

That’s why the two biggest theories floating around are Supergirl‘s Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) — who was rejected by his best friend (the girl he’s had a crush on since the day they met) and saw the girl he had an office fling with turn into a super villain–and Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) — whose only romantic outing in the show’s first season was with Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) for the sole purpose of attempting to figure out what Non (Chris Vance) wanted.

There’s no doubt that whoever it is, though, it’ll be an emotional and beautiful storyline. One that, I for one, cannot wait to see play out.