The former ‘Aliens’ star is the latest Justice Society member to join the show

A surprising new addition to the Legends of Tomorrow cast was announced today at the CW TCA panel. Long-standing genre actor Lance Henriksen will appear on the show as Obsidian.

At Comic-Con last month, it was announced that Obsidian would be one of five members of the Justice Society of America this season. The others are Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), Hourman (Patrick J. Adams), Stargirl (Sarah Grey), Commander Steel (Matthew MacCaull), and Dr. Mid-Nite (whose casting has not yet been announced).

Henriksen’s casting is unusual in that Obsidian is generally portrayed in the comics as a young man, leading to speculation that the Waverider crew will encounter the character in the present day (rather than the 1940’s JSA setting), or this version of Obsidian could be otherwise displaced in time.

The role of the android Bishop in 1986’s Aliens is arguably Henriksen’s most recognizable, but he’s appeared in literally hundreds of science-fiction and horror movies since then. He dabbled in television once before, playing the lead in the 1996-1999 FOX series Millennium, from X-Files creator Chris Carter.

This is a breaking news story, and we’ll have more as it develops.

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