If you browse around our site, you’ll notice that several pieces of news were released today during The CW’s Television Critics Association panel. Before the executive producers took the stage, however, president Mark Pedowitz revealed some interesting little tidbits regarding The CW’s past, present, and future.

Starting off with Berlanti-verse news, Pedowitz explained how the Girl of Steel’s network change went down.

“We weren’t expecting to have four [superhero shows] this season,” he said. “Supergirl came thanks to the parent company [CBS] bringing it over to the CW — I said ‘Where can I sign up?’ — so at this time, there are no real discussions about any [additional] superhero characters.”

This doesn’t mean that Pedowitz is completely closed off to the idea of more spin-offs, though. He added that if a certain secondary character on an existing series “pops,” you “reexamine the situation.”

For now, however, he’s focusing on the arrival of Supergirl which he believes “will probably be our No. 1 or No. 2 show” behind The Flash.

As for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Pedowitz had some weight he had to get off his shoulders, admitting to the press that “we made some mistakes [with Season 1]. We think this year we will correct it.”

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And with that, it was time to announce the amount of episodes each series was picked up for. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend dropped five episodes for a total of 13, Legends dropped three episodes for another total of 13 (with the potential for more), and in a surprising move, SupergirlThe FlashArrow, and Supernatural will all be returning with 22 episodes each. The last time Supernatural had 22 episodes was Season 6. Supergirl luckily gained two episodes from its first go on CBS. The Flash and Arrow have always had 23 epsisodes, though, and it’s making fans question why we’re getting one less.

No matter, all the shows mentioned above will be back this fall on The CW…and we’ll be waiting.

Update (08/12/16, 10:30pm): A few hours ago, the executive story editor for Arrow, Brian Ford Sullivan, revealed in a tweet that Pedowitz made an “honest mistake” while announcing the episode orders. Both Arrow and The Flash will be returning with the regular amount of 23 episodes each. Hallelujah!