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‘Stronger Together’ gets started with Kara training with the D.E.O. and showcasing her powers to Director Henshaw and Alex. After training, Kara tells Alex she thinks she’s ready for everything that comes with being a hero, but Alex advises that she should build herself up. Winn alerts Kara to a fire at the National City Port, which Kara quickly flies off to. Kara tries to put the fire out with her freeze breath, but only makes it worse. She then attempts to pull a ship filled with crude oil away from the fire, only to accidentally rip open the hull and cause the oil to spill into the harbor.

At CatCo, Winn comforts Kara, stating that she’s only a week into the whole superhero thing and was bound to make mistakes. Cat calls everyone to her office and groans about Supergirl’s latest mishap (the woman just cannot be pleased, can she?), before announcing that she wants an interview with her and tasks James with setting it up. Kara tells James she’s not doing the interview because she thinks Cat would recognize her instantly. After Kara voices her concerns about her growing pains as National City’s superhero, James reassures her with a nice little pep-talk (and even more hints at romance).

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Later on, two guards at a chemical power plant are attacked by some sort of alien. The D.E.O. investigates the murder of one of the guards the next day, and Alex calls in her sister to help with the investigation. Kara realizes the murder was committed by a Hellgrammite convict who had escaped from Fort Rozz, remembering that her mother had sentenced one there in a flashback.

Alex confirms Kara’s theory, and Kara offers Hank her assistance in taking down the alien, just like how they stopped Vartox. However, Hank tells Kara she can only help if she shows him that she can hold her own without getting herself killed. Alex takes her to the training room, fully equipped with kryptonite emitters designed to weaken Kara enough that she and Alex can be on the same playing field (poor Kara, she didn’t even know kryptonite was a thing until a week ago). The Danvers sisters fight, with Alex easily beating Kara while advising that she needs to use an superior opponent’s strength against them. Kara, upset by her defeat, storms off.

The following day at CatCo, Kara and Cat discuss the latter’s unwavering criticism of Supergirl. Cat says Supergirl was trying to take on too much at the start, and she needs to start small and work her way up. Taking Cat’s advice, Kara enlists James and Winn’s help in gradually working her way up the heroism food chain.

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Meanwhile, Alura’s doppelganger is busy attending to her evil and all-powerful plan, locating the rogue Hellgrammite and forcing it to help her draw out Supergirl. At the same time, Kara successfully attends to several emergencies, my favorite of which was obviously the classic snake-up-a-tree emergency (seriously, though, who names their snake Fluffy?), and quickly earns the city’s approval. At night, Kara, James, and Winn celebrate Supergirl’s newfound popularity in the city at her apartment. Alex shows up and apologizes for how she handled things back at the D.E.O.

Returning to our favorite government department, Alex is made aware that the Hellgrammite has attacked several other chemical power plants over the past year. She and Hank are both told that the alien’s DNA isn’t based on carbon, but rather on chlorine. Alex realizes the Hellgrammite attacked the chemical power plants because they were storing DDT, the closest resemblance on Earth to the Hellgrammite’s preferred food source (I’ve got to ask, does he like salt or pepper with his DDT?). Hank decides to draw the alien out by loading a truck with DDT, but the plan goes haywire when the Hellgrammite instead captures Alex.

At CatCo, Kara tells James she overheard Cat warning him to get her an interview with Supergirl or he would be fired. She assures him that now she is completely willing to do the interview. James explains the reason he moved to National City was to be his own man, and Kara tells him that part of being his own man meant knowing when to accept help from others. Hank then calls her and tells her that his sister has been abducted.

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Kara quickly flies over to the D.E.O. and criticizes Hank for not asking her to help. Hank assures her that he’s got every available satellite and tactical drone on the lookout for the older Danvers sister, and Kara decides to join the search as well.

Meanwhile, at a warehouse in the city, Alex and Alura’s doppelganger have a talk. The Alura look-like reveals herself to be Alura’s twin sister, Astra, and claims that she’s not looking to destroy Earth, but rather save it (that’s pretty much what every comic book villain looking to destroy the earth says at some point).

Kara uses her super hearing to locate Alex, alerts Hank, and flies over to the warehouse. There, she discovers that, to her surprise, her aunt Astra is still alive. Astra unsuccessfully convinces her niece to join her (she should have bribed her with cookies) and then fights her. Kara is initially overwhelmed by her aunt, but remembers what Alex said earlier and uses Astra’s force against her (hooray for physics!). In the highlight of the episode, Hank forces Astra to flee by jamming a kryptonite knife into her arm (“You’re so wrong,” he says, like a total boss).

At the D.E.O., Kara asks Alex to train her in the art of bad-assery (to which she delightfully agrees). Alex then takes her to a room featuring an AI replicant of Alura. Kara’s request for a hug, sadly, gets rejected, so she decides to learn more about her evil aunt.

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The real Alura gets the knife removed from her arm and realizes she needs to re-think when she and her forces will take National City.

The episode ends with Cat calling James and telling him to find a new job since he hasn’t gotten her the interview with Supergirl. James tells Cat the interview has already started, as it’s revealed that Kara is carrying Cat’s car off somewhere high up for the interview (because she just had to show off, didn’t she?).