Top 10 Arrowverse Reveals from Comic-Con 2016


    San Diego Comic-Con is always full of exciting new announcements and trailers — here are our top 10 moments for fans of Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl from this year’s event!

    10Justice League Trailer

    If this was a general list of the top 10 moments at Comic-Con, this would surely rank much higher. But as a list of Arrowverse-specific moments, it barely warrants mention.

    For Arrowverse fans, the most intriguing part of the new Justice League footage that was screened and the new team photo was our first clear look at the movie Flash’s costume and the first scenes of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen. Comparisons between Miller and Grant Gustin’s TV Flash are inevitable, but they are separate universes with different interpretations of the same character.

    Regardless, the Justice League trailer looked promising, with a lighter, wittier tone than the brooding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.