Fans won’t have to wait much longer to learn what Laurel whispered to Oliver on her deathbed

The shocking death of Laurel Lance on the last season on Arrow was a controversial development, to say the least. Most puzzling, though, was the mystery of Laurel’s final words. Just before she passed away, she whispered something to Oliver, who was alone in the room with her. Now, we finally know when we’ll learn what message she conveyed.

This week, TV Guide has a special issue dedicated to Comic-Con with a large focus on Warner Bros. Television. SpoilerTV got a sneak peek in the form of some magazine scans (via Twitter) that reveal a few tidbits about the upcoming season of Arrow.

(Image Credit: TV Guide)
(Image Credit: TV Guide)

According to the magazine, “…the wait is almost over. According to [executive producer Wendy] Mericle, the late Black Canary’s last words will be revealed in the season premiere.”

Still no clue as to what those words actually are, but at least we know they’re coming soon.

Mericle was also asked if someone new might take up the Black Canary mantle. “I can’t say too much about that. I can say with confidence that, in Season 5, our decision will make more sense…even to the fans who were really vehemently opposed to it.”

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Now that’s an interesting statement, with a million possible implications behind it. Could Laurel still be alive? If so, why would she fake her death?

Further confusing the issue is a quote from executive producer Marc Guggenheim. Asked if Black Canary could show up on Legends of Tomorrow as a part of the Justice Society of America, Guggenheim told TV Guide, “No, that conflicts with other plans we have…he said, intentionally misleading and hopefully teasing.”

Other tidbits from the issue include the news that Arrow‘s Season 5 baddie was essentially created by Oliver himself back in Season 1. Apparently, during Ollie’s early days when he had no qualms about killing, he took out someone very close to the new villain, shaping into an instrument of vengeance for the new season.

We’ll likely learn much more about Arrow’s new season this Saturday during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for up-to-the-minute coverage from the show.