Lots of interesting rumors swirling around ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash’ and ‘Constantine’ at this week’s Comic-Con

With San Diego Comic-Con set to begin this Thursday and panels for all four Arrowverse shows scheduled for Saturday, the rumor mill has started to heat up regarding what announcements we’ll hear at this year’s show.

Bleeding Cool has a massive report on all of the Warner Bros./DC television shows and the various rumors they’ve heard ahead of Comic-Con. As usual, you should take these all with a grain of salt, but Bleeding Cool does have a decent track record as far as scoops are concerned.


Last week, actress Floriana Lima as cast as Detective Maggie Sawyer for Supergirl‘s upcoming second season. In the pages of DC Comics, Sawyer is famous for appearing as the girlfriend of Kate Kane, AKA Batwoman. Bleeding Cool asserts that Batwoman will also appear in a recurring role on Supergirl, as her “adventures as Batwoman occasionally take her to National City.”

The site also claims that Barbara Gordon will appear on the show as Oracle, forming a “strong friendship” with Kara.

As for Batman himself, FOX owns the TV rights to the character thanks to Gotham, but supposedly they have been approached by the Supergirl producers to possibly share the character for a fee.

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So what’s the likelihood of these rumors being true? I’d say slim-to-none. These seems like wishful thinking based solely on the addition of Maggie Sawyer to the show. Mixing Gotham City and the Batlore into Supergirl‘s already confusing mythology would make little sense. Not to mention, further crossovers with the rest of the Arrowverse would mean bringing those characters into the same realm as Green Arrow, the Flash, etc., and that seems unlikely.

John Wesley Shipp

After Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman, Bleeding Cool reports that John Wesley Shipp will be the third actor to become a series regular across the entire Arrowverse. Due to obvious circumstances, Shipp would be portraying Jay Garrick/Earth-3 Flash, rather than Henry Allen.

This actually seems very likely to be true. I’d be surprised if Shipp didn’t continue to pop up on The Flash, both as Jay Garrick and as Henry Allen (in flashbacks). In addition, Jay Garrick is tightly connected with the Justice Society of America, which is due to be introduced on Legends of Tomorrow next season.


Bleeding Cool posits that Matt Ryan could get a similar deal, as the recent addition of Constantine to CW Seed is seen as a test of the character’s popularity. Another possibility, they theorize, is that CW could be looking to relaunch the Constantine series as a companion to Supernatural after The Vampire Diaries ends this season.

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I’d give this rumor a 50/50 shot. A lot of people have theorized that adding Constantine to CW Seed is a test, but it could be nothing more than seizing an opportunity to introduce more people to a character seen on Arrow last season. I do think it’s very likely we’ll see a fifth DC show on Friday nights next season, but whether that’s Constantine or another new spin-off remains to be seen.