‘Legends of Tomorrow’ EP tweets new photo with one face obscured

Filming on Arrow and The Flash is in full swing now, but Legends of Tomorrow has yet to begin production on Season 2. That will change next week as filming begins, with a number of new cast members joining the Waverider crew. But could there be another, as yet unannounced new face joining the team?

Legends executive producer Marc Guggenheim posted a photo to yesterday afternoon showing the cast sitting down for a table read of the season premiere script (previously revealed to be titled ‘Out of Time’):

Visible in the photo are Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave), Franz Drameh (Firestorm), Brandon Routh (Atom), and Victor Garber (Dr. Martin Stein). Caity Lotz (White Canary) is possibly sitting next to Garber with her face blocked from view (notice the blond hair).

Of most interest though, is the individual seated next to Dominic Purcell, with his face pixelated to hide his identity. Could this be a new cast member, not yet announced to the public?

It’s a definite possibility, but it could also be one of the already announced new cast members. Maisie Richardson-Sellers is joining the cast as Vixen next season, but the person in the photo is clearly a male. It could be actor Nick Zano, who is set to be a series regular as Dr. Nate Heywood (known in the comics as Citizen Steel).

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There’s even a chance the mystery man is Patrick J. Adams, reprising his role as Hourman from the Legends Season 1 finale. Some have speculated that it could be Wentworth Miller returning as Captain Cold, but the profile in the photo doesn’t much resemble Miller.

Another, less exciting possibility is that the pixelated individual is just a random crew member who either didn’t want to photographed or was hidden by Guggenheim just to drum up speculation. If you look directly across the table from Purcell, you can see a woman’s hands holding a copy of the script behind a name placard that reads simply “Female Reader.” These are often just members of the production team who fill in to read dialogue from minor characters. Could the mystery man simply be the “Male Reader”?

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its second season on Thursday, October 13 at 8/7c on The CW.

UPDATE: Mystery solved? Twitter user @justdreamin91 has alerted us to a Snapchat video posted by Caity Lotz that features the same mystery man… and it looks very much like Patrick J. Adams, reprising his role as Rex Tyler, AKA Hourman: