The Black Racer (Image: DC Comics)
The Black Racer (Image: DC Comics)

Could the new arrival be the main villain for this season of The Flash?

Just one day after The CW announced that Wally West would be appearing as Kid Flash, new set pictures from The Flash Season 3 have surfaced showing Keiynan Lonsdale in costume. But along with Lonsdale and Grant Gustin, there’s a mysterious new character, as well.

There appears to be a new speedster on set, decked out in a black and orange take on the Flash costume, as captured in these photos: reports that the new character is being played by former Vampire Diaries star Todd Lasance, but his identity remains a mystery.

With that said, the speedster’s appearance is visibly similar to the recent version of Black Racer, a longtime DC Comics character. Black Racer is something akin to the God of Death, a being who hunts those associated with the Speedforce.

Could Black Racer be coming for Barry in retaliation for his tampering with the timeline? That would certainly be a change from the Flashpoint storyline the series is currently adapting, but does make a lot of sense.

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Photographers also captured two new photos of Kid Flash in costume, including one with Grant Gustin (and a trash dumpster):

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