Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in 'Arrow' Season 5 (Image Credit: Twitter)
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in 'Arrow' Season 5 (Image Credit: Twitter)

Series star Stephen Amell tweets first-look photo of upcoming ‘Arrow’ season

The fifth season of Arrow has been filming for exactly one week today, and thanks to Oliver Queen himself, we have our first look.

Stephen Amell took to Twitter this afternoon to post the first-ever image of the upcoming season:

Oliver looks a little rough for the wear in this image, with the background extras giving the impression this may be some kind of underground fight club.

With the long hair and lack of a Bratva tattoo, it’s safe to assume this is from an upcoming flashback scene. Though he lost the flashback wig last season, it’s expected that Oliver will be traveling to Russia this season to gain the aforementioned tattoo, and will eventually end up where Season 1 began.

In a Facebook Live video posted last month, Amell teased the upcoming season by saying he would be filming an epic “oner” scene on July 13. A “oner” is a long, one-shot scene with no cuts, and Amell described the scene in question as possibly “the most vicious, violent oner shot in the history of network television.”

Amell insisted on doing the scene himself, without a stunt double. Director/stunt coordinator James Bamford agreed but said Amell must shoot the scene shirtless, giving him a deadline to get back in shape after taking the summer off.

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Given the brutality of the picture above and Ollie’s lack of shirt, it stands to reason that this could be a shot from that same scene. Tomorrow is July 13, so the oner should be filming then, but this could be another shot from before or after that sequence.

We’ll find out for sure when Arrow returns on Wednesday, October 5 at 8/7 on The CW.