‘Arrow’ star confirms Flashpoint story arc on ‘The Flash’ will impact his show as well

In the pages of DC Comics, the 2011 Flashpoint storyline was a massive event that changed the entire universe forever. Now that The Flash is preparing to give that story their own take in Season 3, the big question has been whether or not it would affect the other shows in the Arrowverse. Until now, all signs had indicated the event would have little impact outside of The Flash. Today, though, Arrow star Stephen Amell says Flashpoint will affect his show after all.

According to the official Twitter account for the People’s Choice Awards (which is admittedly the weirdest source possible), while on a panel at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fast in New Jersey today, Amell was asked whether Flashpoint would affect Arrow and his reply was, “Sure.” As a follow-up, Amell was asked “majorly?” to which he responded, “You bet.”

Now, one could interpret Amell’s words in a number of ways. It’s already been made pretty clear that the story of Arrow Season 5 will continue on from the Season 4 finale, so it won’t be taking place in some sort of alternate reality caused by Barry’s actions on The Flash. Could the impact from the Flashpoint storyline come later in the season? It’s a possibility. Could Amell just be blowing smoke? Well, his answers certainly do appear to be a bit flippant and off-the-cuff.

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Another possibility is that the impact on Arrow could simply be the news that Barry is missing. Maybe by changing the timeline, he’s pulled himself into an alternate timeline while the original keeps on going. That would allow Arrow (and Legends of Tomorrow) to continue on where they left off, but be impacted by the news that The Flash is gone.

Flashpoint begins when The Flash returns on Tuesday, October 4, at 8/7c. Arrow will begin it’s fifth season the following day on Wednesday, October 5, at 8/7c.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, it turns out the tweet from the People’s Choice Awards did not tell the full story. Stephen Amell took to Facebook yesterday morning to set the record straight:

As stated in the original article, Amell’s flippant response was very suspect, so learning that it was indeed meant to be sarcastic is no surprise.