Stephen Amell as Arrow and Cody Rhodes/Stardust (Image Credit: Newsarama)
(Image Credit: Newsarama)

Stephen Amell’s one-time wrestling opponent Cody Rhodes signed for undisclosed appearance

Surprise news today out of New Jersey today: while appearing on a joint panel with former WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes at Heroes & Villains Fanfest, Stephen Amell announced that Rhodes will actually be making an appearance on the next season of Arrow!

Rhodes most recently wrestled under the name Stardust, but asked to be released from the WWE in May of this year. Amell (who is a big WWE fan) began to publicly antagonize Stardust, and the two battled it out in the ring during last year’s WWE SummerSlam.

Here’s what Amell had to say at today’s joint panel:

“Before we get going, we have an announcement. We have a new guest star on Arrow this year: Mr. Cody Rhodes. I’m so fired up for this guy; he and I haven’t really had much of a chance to talk about it but we’ve been friends for a little over a year now. I know that Cody has really wanted to get into the acting business. He went to LA, he read for a part, and his deal closed yesterday and the dude is going to be on Arrow and I’m so fired up.”

Amell took to social media to share the news, posting the announcement on Twitter and video of the panel on Facebook:

The only known role for Arrow Season 5 that hasn’t been cast yet is for Derek Zaba, described as “a man of
 fierce intelligence whose wit and humor belie a person wrestling with 
deep-seated demons. Derek looks to his Jewish faith to ground
 himself, having been raised in a devout family, and while usually kind and
 well-meaning, he also can come off as a physical threat.”

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It’s entirely possible that Rhodes will be playing another, as yet unannounced role, but the description of Zaba as a “physical threat” would seem to suit his talents (plus the description actually has the word “wrestling” in it).

Arrow begins filming Season 5 on July 5 and will return to The CW on Wednesday, October 5 at 8/7c.