Dying for more Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or Supergirl this summer? Don’t worry — we’ve got 12 ways to enjoy your favorite Arrowverse shows that you may not even know about:

1Arrow/Arrow: Season 2.5 Comics

(Image Credit: DC Comics)

We all know Arrow is based on the long-running DC Comics character Green Arrow, but did you know there was also a comic book based on the show itself?

The original Arrow comic book was released concurrently with Season 1 of the show and loosely followed the events of that season. Stories were mostly self-contained, though a few did tie in directly with specific episodes. The comic was actually co-written by Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, so references to canon were airtight.

Arrow 2.5 was a continuation of the comic book series, set between Seasons 2 and 3. Guggenheim returned to co-write, and many supporting characters from Season 3 made appearances before actually debuting on-screen.

Both comics were released digitally first, later followed by traditional print editions. Best of all, both are now available in collected trade paperback form (the first series is split into two volumes, BTW), so you can head to local bookstore right now and take in a whole slew of Arrow adventures you never even knew about.