Does Carly Pope’s new character point toward a Green Lantern appearance?

Add one more to the dizzying array of new characters joining the cast of Arrow next season. Actress Carly Pope has signed on to portray Susan Williams, a journalist from nearby Coast City “looking to make a name for herself” by investigating new Star City mayor Oliver Queen.

If the mention of Coast City isn’t enough for you, rest assured there are some very real connections to Green Lantern going on here.

In the pages of DC Comics, Susan Williams is married to Jim Jordan, the youngest brother of Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

This wouldn’t be the first connection to Green Lantern within the Arrowverse either. In Season 2 of Arrow, Edward Fyers attempt to shoot down a Ferris Air jet from Lian Yu.

And the Season 1 Flash episode ‘Rogue Air’ directly alludes to Hal Jordan when it’s mentioned that a Ferris Air test pilot has gone missing.

Not to mention that prior to their work on Arrow, producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim collaborated on the script for Ryan Reynolds’ disastrous big screen Green Lantern movie.

All of this, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean we can expect to see Green Lantern popping up on Arrow anytime soon. For one, the show is said to be heading in a more “grounded” direction next year, and the idea of an intergalactic corps of superheroes would seem to negate that idea quite a bit.

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More than likely, this is another co-opting of a character from another comic book, slightly changes to fit into the Arrow storyline. In the comics, Williams investigates her future husband when she suspects him of being the Green Lantern (instead of his older brother). Could the Arrow version of Williams be trying to connect Mayor Queen with the Green Arrow?

Pope is currently filming an extended stint on the next season of USA’s Suits, which stars new Legends of Tomorrow cast member Patrick J. Adams  (Hourman).

Susan Williams will first appear in the third episode of Arrow‘s fifth season, which begins on Wednesday,  October 4 at 8/7c on The CW.