Showrunner reveals production art for new Black Canary statue

Laurel Lance may be gone, but it seems her legacy will include a new permanent fixture in Star City. A tease today from Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim indicates a new Black Canary memorial statue will be erected in Season 5.

Guggenheim shared a piece of Season 5 production art on Twitter this morning, showing a golden Black Canary monument. The picture is labelled “Option 5,” so there’s a chance this won’t be the final design, but considering it’s the one Guggenheim chose to share, it very well could be:

In the pages of DC Comics, Dinah Laurel Lance is the designated love interest for Oliver Queen, much like Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Katie Cassidy played Laurel Lance for four season on Arrow, taking over the Black Canary mantle from her sister Sara (Katie Lotz).

Rather than explore the established relationship between the two characters in the comics, producers had Oliver begin a relationship with original character Felicity Smoak and killed Laurel near the end of Season 4.

Actress Madison McLaughlin’s character Evelyn Sharp briefly took up the Black Canary mantle before being caught by Green Arrow, and though McLaughlin will return next season, it will be under the new identity Artemis.

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Cassidy returned as the Earth-2 version of Laurel Lance on The Flash a few weeks later and will be heard in the second season of the animated spin-off Vixen later this summer.

Considering that Ollie is the one who outed Laurel as the Black Canary at her funeral, it’s likely that newly-established Mayor Queen will have a hand in the creation of this new memorial.

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