Evelyn Sharp Will Return Next Season, Now as the Vigilante Artemis

The cast for Arrow‘s upcoming fifth season is starting to get a little crowded. In addition to Wild Dog, Vigilante, Derek Saba, and an unnamed villain, we now know that comic book anti-hero Artemis will be joining the show. She won’t be a new face, though, as Artemis will be the new alias of Madison McLaughlin’s Evelyn Sharp character from last season’s ‘Canary Cry.’

Last seen masquerading as Black Canary in a quest for vengeance against Ruvé Darhk, Variety reports that this time Evelyn will train under Oliver to become the arrow-wielding Artemis.

In the pages of DC Comics, Artemis Crock is a villain, the daughter of Tigress and Sportsmaster. Arrow is more likely to take inspiration from the Young Justice version of Artemis, though, as she became an ally and replaced Roy Harper as Green Arrow’s sidekick when he departed. Though she kept the name and backstory of Artemis Crock, the Young Justice version was more of an animated version of the comic book character Arrowette.

Most fans had guessed that Evelyn Sharp would eventually become Arrow‘s version of Starling, a member of the comic group Birds of Prey, founded by Black Canary. Starling’s real name is Evelyn Crawford, and seeing Arrow‘s Evelyn donning the Black Canary costume led many to assume that was the direction the show was taking.

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With the number of new vigilantes the show is lining up, it’s worth wondering if Thea and Diggle’s departures will be permanent, with Oliver and Felicity building a new Team Arrow from scratch. Willa Holland and David Ramsey will likely remain on the show, but it looks like the new direction for their characters could last longer than expected.

McLaughlin is set to return as Evelyn Sharp in the second episode next season and will recur for multiple episodes. Arrow returns on Wednesday, October 5 at 8/7c on The CW.