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The New Arrangement Would Bring Shows to Netflix Only Two Weeks After Season Ends

If you enjoy re-watching Arrow and The Flash between seasons or have friends who are waiting to binge-watch, you may be in luck. The CW and Netflix are reportedly near a deal that would bring the network’s shows to the streaming giant much sooner than usual.

In 2011, The CW struck streaming deals with both Hulu and Netflix. The Hulu arrangement had the most recent five episodes of each episode available to stream, while the Netflix deal brought the entire prior season to the service a few weeks before the new season began. Both deals are due to expire this year, and it seems negotiations have turned in Netflix’s favor.

Variety reports that The CW is turning its back on Hulu, who was said to demand access entire seasons, rather the rolling five episodes it currently has. Netflix is reportedly offering big bucks to block Hulu out, in exchange receiving entire seasons of CW shows only two weeks after they end. The deal is thought to be worth more than $1 billion. The five most recent episodes of each show will continue to be available on The CW website and app, and through various cable providers.

The new deal would answer another question that’s been on the minds of fans: will DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl be available on Netflix? If a new deal is reached, we can be sure the first season of Legends will arrive soon, alongside the latest seasons of Arrow and The Flash. Future seasons of Supergirl would obviously arrive on Netflix as well, but the first season is still a bit of a question, since it was then a CBS show, not The CW.

It’s worth noting that any potential deal is said to cover only domestic streaming rights, so if you’re outside the United States, you may be out of luck. Variety says the deal is expected to be formally announced by the end of this week.