Former ‘Smallville’ star Tom Welling’s CBS series is ‘not moving forward’

Ever since the producers of Supergirl announced earlier this week that they were casting to finally bring Superman on-screen, fans have been shouting from the rooftops the one name they desperately want to see in the role: Tom Welling.

For 10 seasons, Welling played the role of a young Clark Kent on the popular UPN/CW show Smallville. In the 2011 series finale, viewers finally got the briefest of glimpses at Welling sporting the Superman costume, and they’ve been clamoring for more ever since.

One complication involving the possibility of Welling showing up on Supergirl as the issue of his availability. Welling has been working on Section 13 for CBS, a new drama that he was planning to produce and star in. Here’s a description (courtesy of Deadline):

“Written by Bones alumna Carla Kettner, Section 13 centers on a CIA black ops officer-turned-private contractor (Welling) who, after a personal tragedy, joins a covert organization devoted to carrying out the most difficult and dangerous high-stakes assignments. Welling and Kettner executive produce.”

Now comes word that CBS is “not moving forward” on the project. While this is sad news for Welling, it also opens a hole in his schedule that could easily be filled by slipping into the blue tights and cape for Supergirl.

Even if Welling does sign up to appear as Superman, it’s worth noting that Supergirl would still not serve as a sequel to Smallville. In addition to other continuity issues, actress Laura Vandervoort actually played Kara Zor-El on Smallville and appeared in Supergirl’s first season as Indigo.

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Nonetheless, it would be a treat for fans to see Welling finally play Superman, much like John Wesley Shipp’s role as Henry Allen on The Flash, and Dean Cain & Helen Slater on Supergirl.

Expect to hear casting news on Supergirl‘s Man of Steel soon, possibly at San Diego Comic-Con early next month.