Tom Cavanagh as Earth-2 Harrison Wells on 'The Flash' (Image Credit: The CW)
Tom Cavanagh as Earth-2 Harrison Wells on 'The Flash' (Image Credit: The CW)

Harrison Wells actor Tom Cavanagh will return in Season Three, but his actual role is unknown

When The Flash ended its second season this week, the show’s status quo was upended in more ways than one. Earth-2 Harrison Wells and his daughter, Jesse, said their goodbyes and returned to Earth-2. Then Barry made the reckless decision to travel back in time and save his mother, presumably changing the timeline forever.

So one of the biggest questions surrounding the changes was whether or not Harrison Wells actor Tom Cavanagh would return next year. After all, his original Season One character (Eobard Thawne posing as Dr. Wells) was killed at the end of that season, but the show found a way to bring him back as the Earth-2 Wells in Season Two. With that Wells now gone, as well, surely there wouldn’t be another way for Cavanagh to return?

Well, we now have confirmation that Cavanagh will in fact return as a series regular when The Flash begins its third season this fall. In this week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly’s “Spoiler Room” column, a reader asked if Cavanagh would be leaving as a result of the Season Two finale. Writer Natalie Abrams responded:

Details on next season are being kept tightly under wraps, but I can tell you that Tom Cavanagh will be back as a series regular for season 3. Consider this: If the show does indeed move forward with Flashpoint, then the Reverse-Flash never killed Earth-1 Harrison Wells and his wife, meaning we could see the original Wells next season. Maybe. Hopefully.

That is actually the most likely possibility for Cavanagh’s character next season: the original Earth-1 Wells, sans Eobard Thawne. This would be the third incarnation of Wells that Cavanagh has played in as many years.

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