Barry faces off against Zoom…and Zoom in a new comic preview

We’re just one day away from the season two finale of The Flash, and after last week’s shocking ending, it’s hard to imagine what level of craziness could possibly happen in tomorrow night’s “The Race of His Life.”

Over the weekend, The CW released a new preview comic for the season finale, episode 2×23. As usual, the comic represents part of an actual scene from the episode itself. In this case, we see Barry confronting Zoom — only to be interrupted by…Zoom!

Preview comic for The Flash episode 2x23 - "The Race of His Life." (Image Credit: The CW)
Preview comic for The Flash episode 2×23 – “The Race of His Life.” (Image Credit: The CW)

Here’s the full (albeit short) synopsis for “The Race of His Life”:

After Zoom (guest star Teddy Sears) reveals his true plan, Barry (Grant Gustin) vows to do whatever it takes to stop him.

The Flash airs Tuesday night at 8/7c on The CW. We’ll have continuing coverage of the finale, including a photo gallery and episode clips tomorrow afternoon, live-tweeting while the episode airs, and a full recap Wednesday morning.

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