New video reveals how The Flash visual effects team created Zombie Girder, the Speed Force, Rupture, and more

The Flash is a resounding hit with viewers and fans, no doubt for a myriad of reasons: the writing, the acting, the characters, and so on and so on. But if there’s one aspect of The Flash that could perhaps be singled out as the most impressive, it would be the special effects.

Week after week, The Flash manages to display visual effects that rival those of the big summer blockbusters, somehow incredibly imagined for the small screen. Some episodes, like the Season One finale, “Fast Enough,” feature such incredibly impressive effects, they’re literally jaw-dropping.

Fortunately for those of us who wonder aloud how The Flash effects team manages to pull off these impressive feats, The CW regularly posts videos that go behind-the-scenes to reveal the secrets of the show’s special effects.

The newest video (above), posted this weekend, is hosted by Visual Effects Supervisor Armen Kevorkian and takes us behind the scenes of episodes 2×20, “Rupture,” 2×21 “The Runaway Dinosaur,” and 2×22 “Invincible.” Kevorkian himself directed “Rupture,” while “The Runaway Dinosaur” was helmed by guest-director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats).

Highlights include how Rupture’s scythe was animated, the green screen filming that resulted in Barry’s rescue from the Speed Force, and Dr. McGee’s rescue from Mercury Labs after Black Siren’s attack.

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The Flash Season Two finale, “The Race of His Life,” airs this Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW and will no doubt once again feature a bevy of impressive visual effects. We’ll have full coverage leading up to the finale, including live-tweeting while the episode airs, and a complete recap the following morning.

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