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An army of metahumans invade Central City, led by Earth-2’s Laurel Lance, Black Siren, in ‘Invincible’

With the season finale just a week away, The Flash‘s penultimate season two episode had a lot riding on it, but boy did it deliver.

Zoom’s metahuman army (first seen at the end of last week’s “The Runaway Dinosaur”) has turned Central City into a war zone. Joe and Captain Singh get caught up in an epic battle in the episode’s teaser, and barely make it out alive.

Iris is at work, writing a story about the so-called “metapocalypse” (which is so close to being Metalocalypse, it was chuckle-worthy).

When Barry returns to S.T.A.R. Labs, he shocked to find Caitlin is returned. She’s pretty shell-shocked (and suffering from some nasty PSTD, as we’ll later learn), but otherwise unharmed. Barry assures her that they can defeat Zoom because the Speed Force is on their side. Barry seems to have had almost a spiritual awakening from his time in the Speed Force, but Cisco is concerned about his overconfidence.

Meanwhile, someone who looks an awful lot like Arrow’s Laurel Lance (guest-star Katie Cassidy) uses a massively upgraded version of the Canary Cry to destroy Mercury Labs.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco vibes and has a vision of a dead bird falling to the sidewalk. Barry rushes to Mercury Labs and rescues Dr. McGee. He brings her back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where she reveals she had long ago figured out his secret identity.

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Wally is out in his hot rod, trying to be a hero. He nearly gets himself killed when he confronts a purse-snatching metahuman, but Joe shows up to save his skin. Despite Joe’s protestations, Wally is determined to pay back The Flash for saving his life.

Later, Henry stops Barry as he’s preparing to leave S.T.A.R. Labs and take on more of the metahumans. They have a tense conversation as Henry questions Barry’s optimism, while Barry claims he’s just not afraid anymore. They’re interrupted when Zoom signals Barry to come to the Central City Police Department.

Barry finds Zoom in his lab, where Zoom goads Barry about the similarities in their histories — both saw their mothers murdered, both are on a quest to be the fastest, etc. As another building begins to crumble outside the window, Zoom knows Barry will leave to save the people inside, and tells him that why Zoom will always win.

Afterwards, Barry comes up with a plan to stop Zoom and his metahuman army using the same vibrational technology that Cisco used to stop the Time Wraith. Using Barry’s speed, they’ll amplify the signal and use it to knock anyone from Earth-2 unconscious.

Cisco vibes again, continuing his vision about the dead bird. This time he also sees the building in front of him collapsing. Joe talks to Barry about Wally’s heroics and asks Barry to speak to him.

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Barry confronts Wally and tells him that this isn’t his fight, but Wally is adamant that he can help. Barry is called away when Cisco reports a disturbance at a nearby intersection.

Laurel Lance is waiting for Barry, and he finally learns who she is — Earth-2 Laurel Lance, a villainess known as Black Siren. She unleashes her Siren Call (?) on Barry, quickly incapacitating him. Wally gets to be a hero after all, though, when he careens into the intersection, hitting Laurel with his car and beckoning Flash to get in.

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