Johnathon Schaech as gunslinger Jonah Hex in the Legends of Tomorrow episode,
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Marc Guggenheim suggests that season one’s Jonah Hex was just the tip of the iceberg

We’re just two days away from the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, which naturally has people talking about what will come next. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim spoke to about the show, giving a few hints about Season One, but also previewing what we can expect in Season Two.

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In last week’s episode, we learned the Time Masters were using Vandal Savage to stop an invasion of Earth by a race of aliens called the Thanagarians. In the world of DC Comics, the Thanagarians are a race of hawk people, just like Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and are closely tied to the duo. When Guggenheim was asked if it was a coincidence that the Thanagarians are so closely linked to Savage’s destiny on the show, he replied, “No, I would say not.”

The most intriguing part of the interview comes when Guggenheim is asked about the possibility of seeing more DC characters introduced in Season Two, after the success of Jonah Hex’s appearance earlier this year:

“We really — when it comes to something like having Jonah on the show, we didn’t look at it as something that would thrill the fans — we look at it as a bucket list. We wanted to do Jonah.

I will say that you’ll see even more DC characters in Season Two. By a large margin.

We love the idea that the show is a gateway to the whole of the DC Universe, and we have an actual opportunity to go to every corner of the DC Universe, any time or any place that the story makes sense. 

I also think that Johnathon Schaech was an incredible Hex, and we were talking last night about doing another episode with him already.

I will say that you’ll see even more DC characters in Season Two. By a large margin.”

We already know that Legends of Tomorrow is casting two new characters to join the main cast next year, but it sounds like we could see a lot more guest appearances sprinkled throughout the season.

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