The Green Arrow and his signature facial hair. (Image Credit: DC Comics)
The Green Arrow and his signature facial hair. (Image Credit: DC Comics)

Arrow actor Stephen Amell teases facial hair growth in new Facebook post

Arrow has always been a darker, more realistic adaptation of the Green Arrow comics, so it’s no surprise that series star Stephen Amell doesn’t sport the Green Arrow’s most signature look: his blonde goatee*. Although it looks great in comic book (or even animated) form, it’s a bit harder to pull off in live-action without looking a bit ridiculous.

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But over the years, Arrow (and its surrounding universe, explored on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow) has taken strides toward becoming more comic-like, culminating in this season’s costume change and Oliver’s decision to (finally) call himself the Green Arrow — something he scoffed at in the first season.

And now it looks like we may finally see the Green Arrow’s iconic facial hair on screen after all. Over the weekend, Amell posted the following picture on his Facebook page:

Amell’s caption, “I’ll never grow the Green Arrow goatee,” refers to his denials over the years that he would ever sport the famous beard. Last summer, after speculation ran rampant that he was growing the goatee for Season Four, Amell squashed the rumors with this tweet:

There are actually logistical reasons why Amell never grew the beard, as well. Since he plays Oliver Queen in both the present and in flashbacks, it would make it nearly impossible to have a beard (unless a fake was used, or past Oliver grew a beard as well).

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A close-up of Stephen Amell in his "old man" Oliver Queen make-up and beard on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." (Image Credit: Twitter)
A close-up of Stephen Amell in his “old man” Oliver Queen make-up and beard on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” (Image Credit: Twitter)

Which brings us to a interesting scenario: when Oliver was found on the island in the Arrow pilot, he DID have a long bushy beard, and with Season Five set to (finally) have the flashbacks reach the show’s beginning, it would make sense for Oliver to have a beard next season. So maybe the producers are killing two birds with one stone by having present Ollie grow the famous Green Arrow beard, which they can then enhance and roughen up for the flashback scenes.

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Also, it’s worth noting that Amell did sport a long Green Arrow goatee when he guest-starred on Legends of Tomorrow earlier this season as the future Oliver Queen of 2046 (though that beard was obviously a fake).

Or Stephen Amell could be pulling our legs and is just growing a beard because he’s between filming on Arrow and will actually shave it before starting on Season Five. Who knows?

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(* Technically, the Green Arrow’s facial hair is what’s known as a “Van Dyke,” as a goatee only covers the chin, but most everyone–Stephen Amell included–refers to it as a “goatee,” so we’re just going with the flow here.)