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Thea tries to save Alex while Felicity teams up with her father to stop Damien Darhk’s plan in Arrow 4×21 – “Monument Point”

After getting access to Rubicon in the last episode, Damien Darhk wastes no time attempting to launch the world’s nuclear weapons in this week’s Arrow. Luckily, Felicity and Noah Kuttler are there to stop him — almost.

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“Monument Point” begins with Felicity learning that Rubicon will launch every nuclear missile in the world in less than 21 hours and the only person who can hack it is her father, Noah Kuttler (Tony Amandes). Even though he escaped Iron Heights as part of Damien Darhk’s jailbreak, Felicity quickly tracks him down. Unfortunately, Darhk is also after him, sending Brick (guest star Vinnie Jones) to kill him.

Meanwhile, Donna Smoak has found an affidavit in Quentin Lance’s apartment. If he signs it, he’ll be reinstated on the police force, but he’ll be stating that he didn’t know Laurel was the Black Canary.

Thea has a chat with her father, Malcolm Merlyn, who is completely on board with Darhk’s Armageddon plan. She demands to be taken to Alex immediately. In the midst of moving day under the dome, Lonnie Machin has somehow found his way inside to come after Darhk.

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Felicity eventually learns that Noah is headed to a remote cabin in the woods. Ollie and Diggle arrive just in time to save him from Brick and his Ghost goons. He quickly agrees to help stop Darhk, but says he needs an experimental processor from Palmer Tech in order to do it.

When Felicity arrives to retrieve the processor, she is notified that the board of directors has fired her as CEO, and she is escorted out of the building by security. The team quickly put together a plan and break into Palmer Tech to steal the processor. Unfortunately, Felicity is locked out of the safe where it’s stored, but Noah is able to wirelessly clone it.

After a brief meeting with Alex, Malcolm takes Thea to confront Lonnie before he destroys the dome’s life support system. Her pep talk fails to stop him, so Malcolm shoots him with an arrow, but he still gets away.

Quentin signs the affidavit, but not before modifying it to admit that he knew about Laurel’s secret identity. Donna is proud of him for being honest.

Felicity and Noah work to stop Rubicon from working, but one Russian missile still manages to launch, and it’s aimed straight at the American city of Monument Point.

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Thea and Lonnie have a final showdown, but when Thea is temporarily sidelined, Lonnie kills Alex and runs.

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Felicity discovers that Darhk’s Nexus Chamber is located beneath City Hall, so Ollie and Diggle run off to stop him. Meanwhile, Felicity is able to fool the missile’s GPS into landing 20 miles off-course. “Tens of thousands” of people are still killed, but it’s better than the 2 million who would’ve died if it had hit Monument Point.

Oliver and Diggle arrive in the Nexus Chamber just as Darhk is absorbing the energy from all of the dead. He warns that Oliver’s going to need some bigger arrows.

Various Thoughts:

  • The ticking atomic time clock made this a tense and worthwhile episode, though there were a lot of problems
  • It’s frankly ridiculous that Donna would make such a big deal over Quentin’s affidavit. It’s the tiniest of white lies that hurts absolutely no one, but secures Quentin’s return to his life’s work. It’s actually more ridiculous that the giant fit her daughter threw over Oliver’s white lie, which he was literally blackmailed into giving.
  • I don’t know if we’re supposed to feel bad about Felicity losing her job at Palmer Tech, but I can’t bring myself to have the slightest bit of sympathy. She was almost never there and certainly hasn’t been there in days. I’m not sure what qualifications she had to run a company in the first place.
  • Speaking of Palmer Tech, why oh why didn’t they just have Curtis get the processor for them? I’m guessing Echo Kellum wasn’t available for an appearance this week, but couldn’t we at least have gotten an on-screen explanation for why calling Curtis wasn’t an option?
  • Can you “clone” a processor? I’m no tech expert, but isn’t the part of a processor that makes it fast all hardware, not software?
  • Also, I had to wonder: if Noah had just sat down and starting hacking, he probably could’ve gotten into Rubicon anyway when you consider all the lost time trying to get his hands on that processor.
  • I’m surprised the “Previously on Arrow” segment didn’t showcase Lonnie Machin’s character at all, because frankly, I didn’t remember him. I Googled him, read about the episodes he was in, and still don’t remember him.
  • I continue to not care about the flashbacks, and have nothing of use to even say about them.
Arrowverse Crossover: "Crisis on Earth X"

Next week, Oliver and Diggle head off to rescue Thea, while Curtis (oh, there he is!) teams up with Noah to stop Darhk.

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