Casper Crumb in Legends of Tomorrow 1x14 -
Casper Crumb in Legends of Tomorrow 1x14 - "River of Time" (Image Credit: The CW)

With Vandal Savage held prisoner, Rip Hunter pushes the Waverider to her limits to reach the Time Masters

With only three episodes left in its first season, Legends of Tomorrow continues to wind down the Vandal Savage storyline. Last night’s “River of Time” continued a winning streak for the show with an action-packed (albeit utterly predictable) hour of television.

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We begin with Vandal Savage taunting Rip Hunter from his cell aboard the Waverider (the first of many such scenes). Soon, it is discovered that the technology in the Leviathan robot last week was not actually from 2166 — it’s from at least a century later. With the knowledge that Savage himself has been tampering with the timeline, Hunter decides to take him before the Time Council and let him face justice.

Getting to the Time Masters is not easy, though; they reside at the edge of time itself in a place called the Vanishing Point. With the Waverider still damaged from the Leviathan attack, it’s not long before Hunter pushes the ship too far and the engine is damaged, leaving them stranded in the time stream.

Meanwhile, Kendra is trying desperately to get through to Carter, but Savage has truly erased his mind. Ray tries to help but is conflicted with regard to his love for Kendra and her destiny with Carter.

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Rip callously sends Jax to repair the engine, knowing full well that the radiation is far too dangerous. The damage causes Jax to begin rapidly aging, and Gideon is helpless to counteract it. Eventually Stein uses the jump ship to save Jax, by drugging him to stay aboard and programming it to allow the trip back to 2016 to repair his damaged cells.

Throughout the episode, various crew members visit Vandal Savage one-by-one, only for him to manipulate and antagonize them. It’s obvious that one of them will eventually be stupid enough to open the cell door, but it was still a little surprising to see that person was Ray. He enters the cell and gets a few good punches in before Savage overwhelms him and escapes.

After freeing Carter and powering down Gideon, Vandal Savage engages in a fairly epic fight with Snart, Rory, Kendra, and Ray. Rip, Sara, and Stein are left to try and pilot the ship manually. Just as Savage is about to kill Kendra, Rip rushes in but is shot by Savage. Carter’s memories finally return and he “hawks” out, taking Savage down.

Finally appearing before the Time Council, a boastful Rip Hunter hands over Vandal Savage and presents irrefutable evidence of his time crimes. Not surprisingly, the Time Masters tell Rip they will be returning Savage to 2166 and placing Rip in custody instead — Savage has been in collusion with the council the entire time.

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Various thoughts:

  • The idiocy the crew displays by constantly engaging Savage in conversation is near infuriating. At one point Ray remarks that Savage is “trying to get under my skin.” He wouldn’t be getting under anyone’s skin if you would all STOP VISITING HIM.
  • I feel for Ray on a certain level, as we’ve seen him get his heart broken so many times since he first popped up on Arrow. At the same time, though, it seems obvious that a relationship with Kendra would never work, no matter how you feel about her or vice-versa. She has 4,000 of destiny with Carter to compete with.
  • I saw the Vandal Savage/Time Council twist coming from a mile away, but it was still shocking to behold. Part of the problem is the casting of Martin Donovan as Time Master Druce; he’s a fine actor, but he always plays a bad guy.
  • I’m not sure what the point of the flashbacks was, but it was interesting to see a few familiar faces making appearances (i.e. Felicity Smoak, Nyssa al Ghul).

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Next week, Sara and the remaining crew members attempt to escape the Time Masters! For more on the remaining Legends of Tomorrow episodes, be sure to follow us on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook!

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