Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell in the Arrow episode
Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell in the Arrow episode "Genesis." (Image Credit: The CW)

Oliver goes searching for magic, Diggle’s on the warpath, and Thea’s vacation goes wrong

As Arrow Season Four winds down, last night’s episode, “Genesis,” upped the ante and finally advanced several lingering plot points from throughout the season.

It seems Oliver has finally heard from John Constantine (off-screen, of course), and he’s referred Ollie to a colleague in Hub City. So he and Felicity head off and meet with an “immortal shaman” with a penchant for gambling. It turns out the tattoo Constantine gave Ollie back on Lian Yu gives him the ability to channel magic… which he does by thinking happy thoughts, more or less.

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Meanwhile, Diggle tracks down his brother, Andy, but is quickly captured by HIVE agents. After some light torture and strained conversation, Diggle escapes and returns to Lyla. She and baby Sara are hiding out in an armored semi-truck that’s constantly moving throughout the city. Of course, Andy has put a tracker on Diggle and soon leads a full-on assault on the truck. Diggle escapes with baby Sara on a motorcycle, and Damien Darhk confronts Lyla, forcefully removing a sub-dermal implant from her wrist.

Ollie and Felicity show up just in time, with Felicity taking Sara and Oliver confronting Darhk — and successfully repelling his magic. Unfortunately, Darhk disappears, but Diggle ends up in another confrontation with Andy and, after more taunting from his brother, John finally puts a bullet in Andy and kills him.

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Lyla reveals that the implant Darhk took from her arm is the mysterious “Rubicon” that Amanda Waller was so desperate to protect. It controls access to all of the world’s nuclear weapons, meaning Darhk now has the means to literally destroy the entire world. But if his plan is to mimic the biblical flood with his Genesis plan, where is his ark?

Turns out, Thea has the answer to that question. She and Alex have been on vacation all episode, but it’s all seemed off to Thea. Once she realizes Alex is taking the same yellow pills the rest of the HIVE members are on, she runs. With HIVE agents closing in, Thea literally hits a wall. The camera pans out to reveal that she’s in an artificial construct deep underground, covered with a dome-like force field.

Various thoughts:

  • I hate to say it, but I sometimes think Arrow and The Flash could benefit from shorter seasons. The Damien Darhk storyline has stretched on and on and on, and now that we’ve finally learned his plan, it actually makes very little sense.
  • For example, if Darhk knew Lyla had Rubicon in her wrist, why didn’t he just hop over to the Diggles’ apartment and take it months ago?
  • What’s the point of destroying the world in a nuclear apocalypse if you’re just going to hide out underground anyway? It’ll be hundreds of years before the radiation levels are safe again, so you might as well just go live in your little Stepford Wives village without even bothering to nuke the planet.
  • Had to roll my eyes a bit at the Under the Dome/Simpsons-style domed city. It’s an idea that’s just been done to death.
  • Since the world is still around for Vandal Savage to conquer in 2166 and Rip Hunter seems unconcerned about Damien Darhk over on Legends of Tomorrow, should we just assume this whole Genesis plan has no chance of working anyway? (Not that the Arrow writers would literally blow up the planet at the end of the season in the first place, but you take my meaning).
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Next week, Felicity will team up with her father Noah to try to prevent Damien Darhk’s nuclear apocalypse in Arrow 4×21, “Monument Point”! We’ll have full coverage leading up to the episode, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for all the latest updates!