Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash episode
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash episode "Rupture." (Image Credit: The CW)

Zoom makes a bold move, Barry makes a dangerous decision, and Cisco connects with family in ‘Rupture’

The Flash brought us another dark, tense episode last night filled with lots of major developments, both in terms of plot and characters.

The gist of the episode is Barry’s indecision over whether or not to allow Dr. Wells to create another particle accelerator explosion and attempt to give him his powers back — an idea we know he’ll eventually agree to, but where’s the fun in that? This plays out through a series of “My Three Dad” vignettes as Henry (returning from his self-imposed exile), Joe, and Dr. Wells spar over the plan. Actually, Joe manages to stay pretty neutral, but Henry is adamantly opposed to the idea.

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Meanwhile, Zoom has come back to Earth-1 and his plan is…to tell the police not to do their jobs? It’s a weird way to take over a city (let alone the world), but nonetheless the CCPD obeys and takes up residence at CC Jitters.

Zoom also brings along an ally, Reverb’s brother Rupture — AKA, the Earth-2 equivalent of Cisco’s brother, Dante. Ruptures meta-human power is never really explained, other than the fact that it comes from the wicked scythe he carries (which actually doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it looks cool, so whatever). This leads to a lot of confrontation between Cisco and Dante, which culminates in a promise to work on their relationship.

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When Zoom makes good on his threats and brutally murders an entire room full of police officers, Barry realizes he has no choice but to give Dr. Well’s plan a try. It all seems to work until Barry’s skin begins to flake apart and he completely disintegrates. Zoom shows up to taunt the team for “killing” The Flash, before leaving them to wallow in their grief.

Various Thoughts:

  • Iris finally comes clean to Barry about her feelings for him, leaving the door open for them to try being together. Which of course makes his “death” at the end of the episode all the more heartbreaking.
  • The holographic Flash idea is both silly and surprisingly effective. Apparently the bad guys are all too busy being bad to notice The Flash flickering.
  • John Wesley Shipp has amazingly white teeth. Every time he spoke, I was so distracted by his dazzling smile I almost missed what he had to say.
  • Joe locks Wally and Jesse in Eobard Thawne’s secret future room to keep them safe from the particle accelerator and of course they escape. After Barry is disintegrated, they’re both hit with an energy wave that comes from Dr. Well’s device. Pretty sure Kid Flash and Jesse Quick will be gaining their speedster powers next week.
  • Cisco was at the top of his game with the one-liners and pop culture references. From The Princess Bride to an obscure Fringe reference and culminating in a fantastic “Expecto Patronum!” Harry Potter moment, this may have been Cisco funniest (and weirdly saddest) episode yet.
  • Obviously Barry can’t be dead, so what happened to him? The promo for next week shows him interacting with his long dead mother and a Joe West who claims not to be Joe West. Is he trapped in the speed force itself?
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