Greg Berlanti encourages Jay Garrick fans to “keep watching”

It came as quite a shock to most viewers a few weeks ago when Cisco and The Flash team discovered that Zoom was actually Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears). How could the villainous Zoom be the same kind hero we’d gotten to know all season long — the man who was actually known as The Flash on Earth-2? Most fans assumed we’d get a reasonable explanation for all this; maybe Zoom was actually a Jay Garrick from another Earth, or the speed force had somehow split Jay into two different people.

But this week’s episode, “Versus Zoom,” gave a different explanation altogether. It turns out Zoom was actually “Hunter Zolomon,” a convicted serial killer who became a speedster when the particle accelerator interrupted his shock therapy. He’d then taken on the identity of Jay Garrick/The Flash AND Zoom, becoming both hero and villain, because he liked to “give people hope and then take it away.”

For many, this was an egregious inversion of the comic book hero Jay Garrick. When The Flash first appeared in 1940, it was Garrick who was the hero under the lightning bolt helmet. So to take that Golden Age hero and introduce him to The Flash television show in a mostly faithful incarnation and suddenly destroy it by making him a villain was a hard slap to the face by the show’s producers.

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Not so fast, says Arrowverse mastermind Greg Berlanti. Responding to the controversy, Berlanti posted an update on Twitter yesterday afternoon:

So what does this mean? If the Jay Garrick we’ve known all season isn’t Zoom, then who is he? Are Hunter and Jay twins? Are one or the other from another Earth altogether, such as Earth-3? Or could the speed force theory be true, and Zoom has actually been split into two entities? Not to mention, could the real Jay Garrick be the mysterious Earth-2 man in the iron mask?

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