Before we learn the origin of Zoom this week, the Jay Garrick actor reveals secrets from the set

Most fans of The Flash are likely still reeling from the shocking revelation that Earth-2 Flash, Jay Garrick, is actually the villainous Zoom. This week’s upcoming episode, “Versus Zoom,” promises to reveal the full backstory of Zoom, AKA Hunter Zolomon, and had the chance to speak with Teddy Sears, the actor behind Jay Garrick, about his experience on the show and keeping the secret of Zoom’s identity.

On whether he knew Jay was Zoom from the beginning:

“I knew when they hired me that I was going to be Zoom. I knew actually before taking the job. Andrew Kreisberg laid out, ‘Hey, this is our vision for the season. You’re gonna be this guy, but then you’re also gonna be this guy.'”

On the difference between The Flash and other darker superhero dramas, like Batman v Superman:

“…I think, for me, being on a show like The Flash is appealing for that reason. Also, being a character like Jay, it does feel exactly, like you said, like that Christopher Reeve sort of squeaky clean, Golden Age of comic books where people still said, ‘Gee whiz’ and ‘swell.’ I’m just thinking like I’m in World War II and post-war where there was a different buoyancy in America at the time. Yes, yes, I think that that’s something that The Flash done to great effect.”

Sears also reveals whether he’s been in the Zoom suit all season long:

“No, for the most part, actually no, it’s been Ryan Handley. He is a stunt guy, but he would do all the lines, he basically did all the heavy lifting, that’s sort of the best way I could put it. He did all the heavy lifting. Tony [Todd] did all the vocalization. Every time the mask has come off, that’s when I stepped on stage.”

There’s a lot more in the full interview. “Versus Zoom” airs this Tuesday, April 19 at 8:00 PM Eastern. We’ll have full coverage leading up the episode and a complete episode recap soon after air.

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