Famed comic book bounty hunter Jonah Hex joins the team in a Wild West adventure

When it was announced a few months ago that Jonah Hex would be joining Legends of Tomorrow later in the season, this episode instantly become one of the most anticipated of the entire series (so far). Thankfully, the wait was mostly worth it, as “The Magnificent Eight” is easily the best episode of LoT so far.

Legends of Tomorrow has been a hard show to review. As any genre fan can tell you, the first season of almost any show is usually a little rough. In fact, I hate-watched almost the entire first season of Arrow before it all gelled for me and became my new favorite show. The Flash started off strong though, and I’ve been in love with it since the word “go.” With LoT, there are challenges that are inherit to the very premise. First of all, it’s an ensemble show, so it’s hard to get a good deal of character development, and second, it’s made up of a rogue’s gallery of characters who weren’t all that interesting before they were spun-off in the first place.

I’ve cut the show a lot of slack, and generally I like it (much more than Supergirl even). But “The Magnificent Eight” was the first episode for me where everything just gelled, and the show put all of its potential on display. We’ll get to Jonah Hex in a minute, but the entire cast really shone in this adventure — with almost no one left on the sidelines. The b-plots featuring an older Kendra and Dr. Stein’s young patient (who turned out to be H.G. Wells…ugh) gave great character moments for all involved, though they did distract from the main plot a bit more than I liked.

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And now let’s talk about Jonah Hex. I never saw the failed 2010 film version with Josh Brolin and Megan Fox, as I saw the writing on the wall and stayed well clear of it upon release. So, I can’t compare Johnathon Schaech’s performance with Brolin’s, but I can say that I loved this version of Hex. Schaech was near perfect casting, and I love that the writers took the scenario farther than just a glorified cameo. It turns out that Jonah Hex is integral to the backstory of Rip Hunter, and their history is a joy to discover.

All in all, “The Magnificent Eight” was a superbly entertaining hour of television and hopefully a sign of great things to come on Legends of Tomorrow. Speaking of which, next week’s episode looks incredibly epic:

We’ll have more on next week’s installment, “Last Refuge,” as it becomes available. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.