“I remember that first take when he just came alive, and I became a little seven-year-old boy again.”

It’s no secret that DC’s famous gunslinger Jonah Hex is coming to Legends of Tomorrow in tonight’s episode, played by actor Johnathon Schaech. Now Schaech and the rest of the LoT cast are making the press rounds, teasing the character’s arrival in “The Magnificent Eight.”

Schaech (who will forever be Jimmy from That Thing You Do! to this writer) sat down with the Hollywood Reporter and revealed that he’s been a Jonah Hex fan since he was seven-years-old:

“That’s when I read my first Jonah Hex comic books. That was the most exciting thing. Here I am, I’ve been an actor for 25 years, and now I get to play something that I grew up on.”

It’s always cool when an actor comes onto a project like this with not just a knowledge of the character, but a deeply rooted sense of love and respect. In the beginning, though, Schaech says he was only familiar with the original version of the character, who was basically just a skilled gunfighter — nothing more, nothing less. He’s now caught up on the other iterations of Jonah Hex, but says unlike the comics or the awful 2010 film version, his Hex won’t have any supernatural abilities:

“He doesn’t have any special powers. But being raised by Apaches, he definitely has the connection to the spirit. He has a greater understanding of the universe and how it all plays out. It’s not like he sits there and meditates but he understands that life is meant to be lived and you go through the things you go through for a purpose.”

There are a lot more great quotes from Schaech in the full article at Hollywood Reporter.

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Meanwhile, the regular cast of Legends of Tomorrow talked about the Western adventure with TVLine, sharing their enthusiasm about the change of pace for their ragtag team. Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/Atom) says, “Putting on the Western garb was my most fun costume change that we’ve gotten to do.”

Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter) revealed that Jonah and Rip are well acquainted with each other, and Rip feels “very much at home in the Old West”:

“Rip has been time-traveling and sorting out the timeline for many years, so he definitely knows who Jonah Hex is. He’s even got a ‘Wanted’ poster for Jonah in his study. If you look really closely in the Waverider, you may have seen it.”

For more from the cast (including a exclusive clip from the episode), be sure to check out TVLine‘s full article.

Legends of Tomorrow airs tonight at 8:00 PM eastern on The CW. We’ll have a full recap after the episode airs, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.