Terrific news for fans of Palmer Tech’s resident genius Curtis Holt: the character has been promoted to a full cast member for next season.

Actor and comedian Echo Kellum joined Arrow in the role earlier in season 4 and has been a recurring presence ever since. With Felicity busy playing CEO and helping out with Team Arrow, Curtis has become the show’s newest tech guru. He even created the technology that allowed Felicity to walk again after her recent spinal injury.

At first, Curtis seemed like another mild-mannered computer scientist, but it wasn’t long before we learned he was actually a kick-ass fighter and an Olympic athlete. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise for anyone familiar with Curtis’ comic book analogue: Mr. Terrific. In the pages of DC Comics, Michael Holt, a black belt martial artist and highly educated scientist in his own right, takes on the mantle of Mr. Terrific, creating the robotic T-Spheres to help him fight baddies as a member of the Justice Society of America.

With TVLine reporting that Kellum will be joining the show full-time, it seems increasingly likely that Curtis will be evolving into some form of Mr. Terrific on Arrow, though it’s doubtful they’ll actually use that moniker (“Mr. Terrific” is a pretty awful name, even by comic book standards). He’s already aware of Team Arrow, so joining them in their fight seems like a natural next step. It’s also worth noting that Curtis would be the first gay DC superhero on TV, as his husband Paul (Chenier Hundal) has made several recent appearances on the show.

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Personally, I’m happy to be see more of Curtis next season. When he first popped up earlier this year, he seemed like an unnecessary addition to the show and a silly stereotype. Time and again, though, the writers and Kellum have seem fit to subvert our expectations, making Curtis anything but a stereotype.